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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Getting Party Ready with Your WLS Tool

I wrote this article for the 5 Day Pouch Test Bulletin published 12/06/2010. For anyone with weight loss surgery who is preparing for a holiday party the advice is timely. I think it defines so well what many of us say our new objective is after weight loss surgery --- to enjoy LIVING!

Not so good conventional advice...

Eat a small meal before the party
I'm sure you are familiar with this holiday tip - eat a small meal before the party so you do not overeat at the party. Since all of our WLS meals are small this is ineffective for us - it just means we double-up on small meals that day. What works better is to have an all-protein meal earlier in the day, before the party.

For example, if the party is at 7pm have an all-protein lunch of grilled chicken breast at 4pm; about 3 ounces of broiled boneless chicken breast gives you 110 calories (energy) and 25 grams of protein with only 2 grams of fat. This is important because it temporarily raises your metabolism by making your body work harder to digest the food. Protein also satiates appetite for a longer time than carbohydrates. In addition, with protein you have not caused a drop or spike to your blood glucose levels which for many triggers snacky carbohydrate cravings. On a more delicate note, clean lean protein is unlikely to cause digestive distress such as uncomfortable bloating or gas - two things we do not want to wear to the party!

Keep in mind as you are preparing for the party that the goal is to arrive at the party in the very best state of biochemical balance possible so you can enjoy the people, the setting, the entertainment, and the total party experience. You can best do this by following the Four Rules and Liquid Restrictions in the days and hours leading up to the party. It is a privilege to attend a party in a state of balance and good health, a privilege worth the effort, a privilege you deserve to enjoy!

After giving your body the delicious protein-only lunch allow it time to digest the nutrients before partaking of liquids. A good hour following eating is beneficial to allow your body adequate time to metabolize the fuel you have just provided it. After digestion hydrate your body with a nutrient enhanced beverage. This could be herbal tea or iced water with a squeeze of fresh citrus juice. Perhaps you prefer an energy booster such as Emergen-C (my favorite). Avoid beverages sweetened with sugar alcohols because they are prone to cause uncomfortable gas and bloating.

OK! You've done great getting your body ready for an evening out celebrating the holidays. But do you realize what else has occurred by doing these simple things? You have created a storm of empowerment where anything is possible! Think about it. Instead of spending the day of the party making poor dietary choices for which you are feeling self-critical, you have done the right thing! You have been true to yourself and your health! Nothing is impossible for you on this day! So go that party and shine like a diamond. Accept the compliments you receive - relish in your new life - Celebrate! This is your moment - You Have Arrived!