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Friday, October 28, 2011

Healthy Hair after Weight Loss Surgery

Healthy Hair after Weight Loss Surgery

Healthy Hair: nurturing beauty inside and out
"How can I control my life when I cannot control my hair?"
--Author unknown but I bet it was a woman with WLS!

"You've heard the stories about hair loss associated with weight loss surgery. Maybe dramatic hair loss is your story. It was mine. Six months out of surgery I was several dress sizes smaller and going bald. You too? That was 12 years ago and I was on my own to figure out how to fix it. Now I'm pleased to say I have healthy lustrous hair and these are the products that are working for me. I offer them to you with confidence, and the assurance you do not need to spend 12 years trying to get your hair back. Please take a look."
--Kaye Bailey, founder LivingAfterWLS & 12 years post RNY Gastric Bypass.

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cooking with Kaye: WLS Friendly Treats

Halloween Treats You Can Eat! Greetings!

Greetings Neighbors and Happy Halloween to You! Have you picked up on the news reports the last few weeks? Americans are expected to spend $2 Billion on candy this year for Halloween treats. According to big box stores customers have been stocking up for nearly 5 weeks now and will return again to replenish their candy supplies before the little costumed door knockers come calling on Saturday night. In spite of tough economic times consumers are spending nearly 7% more on candy this year than last. Some speculate that in tough times of economically driven sacrifice a little indulgence in sweet treats is much deserved.

It is no wonder we are confounded by so much temptation. Nobody wants to feel left-out of the Halloween hoopla but we know the consequences of a candy fest can be catastrophic for us. Today in this special edition of the You Have Arrived email newsletter I present several treats you can feel good about enjoying! We had gastric surgery to become healthy so that we could embrace life to the fullest -- not sit on the sidelines. Making small changes in how we celebrate goes a long way making those dreams of living a reality. I wish you the best in the coming days -- may all your haunting be happy!!

Happy Halloween!
Kaye Bailey

PS-- Please read my article about sugar free candy to avoid the discomfort that it may cause: Holiday Sugar Free Candy

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

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The Skinny on Sugar and Fake Sugar

The LivingAfterWLS Weekly Digest 10/19/2011:


Hello and Welcome!

With Halloween just around the corner and the feasting holidays coming right behind now is a good time to look at sugar, artificial sweeteners and the role they play in our weight loss surgery diets. I am always nervous about the "sugar" newsletter because if there is one thing health conscious people have strong opinions about it is sweet foods and how they get to be sweet. There is so much information (and mis-information) about sweets in the American diet that we can find "studies" or "proof" to support just about any position we want to take.

As a voice in the weight loss surgery community I seek the most current data from the sources we trust in this country to protect the health of the citizens. My sources include the Food and Drug Administration, The American Diabetes Association, The American Heart Association, The Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Medicine -- to name a few.

Today I've gathered some tidbits from these trusted sources to look at sugar, sugar substitutes, and sugar alcohol in the American diet and the weight loss surgery diet. I know that my fellow WLS patients are avid researchers and students and I invite you to take this information, expand on it with your own research, and apply to your personal experience. I believe you will find a suitable relationship with sweets in your healthy recovery from obesity with weight loss surgery.

And finally, this Halloween I wish you the best of life's treats as you pursue your dreams LivingAfterWLS!


Read the full digest in our archive: October 19, 2011

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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Stop! WLS is not a Contest

5 Day Pouch Test Bulletin October 4, 2011

 Maybe it's the fall sports season that has so many of us in the competitive mood lately. Seems like things have really heated up on the weight loss surgery scrimmage lines where it is more popular than ever to compare and compete with one another in our weight loss. And while some healthy competition can be a great motivator the comparison of weight loss can lead to utter discouragement. I see it even with the 5 Day Pouch Test that people are making comparisons in how much weight is lost in the 5 days and if they do not meet that superficial standard they consider their 5DPT effort a failure.  It is not.

Unless you pound-for-pound and fork-for-fork competitively gained weight with another person you have no business competing to lose weight. Contrary to popular culture, weight loss is not a contest. Weight loss is a life saving initiative owned by the one taking action.

By all means we should compare our experiences. Let's share recipes and exercise tips. Let's give reminders to drink our water and take our supplements. But let's leave the competition to the amateurs. As weight loss surgery patients we understand that our lives were in danger from obesity and we took medical action to change the course. We are much wiser for it. Few people who join their positive energy forces in a united effort for better health ever feel burdened by not living up to an artificial contest.

If you are feeling beaten by the competition I invite you to download and print the copyrighted poster above. You can get it here. Please let it serve as a reminder the grand purpose of this weight loss surgery experience. You deserve to be healthy and pursue many prizes that far exceed the dot-marks on a weight loss ticker.

See the full bulletin in our Archive

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