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Thursday, May 07, 2015

Hot Off the Press: 5 Day Pouch Test Bulletin May 2015

Have you read it yet? The May 5 Day Pouch Test Bulletin? This is a don't miss issue full of so much information that you need to know to maintain a healthy weight and avoid regain after weight loss surgery. Subscribers check your Inbox folders. To read it online just link below to our online archive, free for your benefit and enjoyment!
 5DPT May Bulletin Online

Introduction: "Thank you for joining me today in this information packed 5 Day Pouch Test Bulletin. I have been following various conversations in social media groups about weight regain after bariatric surgery and share with you today articles that I hope will promote a calm understanding of how weight regain happens. Featured topics include slider foods, ways to relieve nausea, and protein supplements. I hope you find something useful as you pursue a long lasting healthy weight with surgery. Thanks for taking time from your busy life to join me here today."

Featured Articles:
The Slider Food Trap: Why do we turn to these foods when we know better?
We know that they contribute to obesity because they were likely a part of our diet prior to surgery. Common sense tells us that if food contributed to our obesity before surgery it will surely cause weight gain after surgery. We promised our surgeon to follow the dietary rules after surgery, yet somehow that grit determination wanes and little by little we find our old comfort food snacks back in hand. Continue Reading

Effective ways to relieve feelings of nausea
  • I don't know about you, but I'm a frequent flier in the nausea club since having WLS. My surgery was in 1999 and I have yet to break the code of understanding why sometimes I just feel sick and queasy: sometimes after I eat, sometimes when I've had nothing to eat. Smells and odors will bring on tummy turbulence for me quite quickly and eqNot the Queen's Teaually unexpectedly. Continue Reading

Protein Supplementation after WLS
  • It is common to see the question, "What protein powder should I use?" asked in online groups. What is surprising, to me, is the inconsistency in answers and the passion with which people believe there is only one true and correct answer to the question. Continue Reading
Check out the full newsletter in our public archive:  5DPT May Bulletin Online

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

What's for Breakfast?

Breakfast Basics of WLS:
Why you must eat a high protein breakfast every day and easy, scrumptious ways to accomplish it.

Hot of the Press!
LivingAfterWLS eBook Short Volume 4 by Kaye Bailey
In this LivingAfterWLS eBook, we take a highly focused look at breakfast, the most important meal of the day. Why is it important? What are the high protein options? What about hectic mornings? We provide options for picky eaters; suggest out-of-the-box meals featuring the flavors of your favorite foods; find a superb use for last night's left-overs; place emphasis on fresh clean ingredients; reveal fail-proof preparation methods for cooks of all skill levels; and give you warm and cold breakfast meals to savor.

You will find something exciting to start your day no matter your schedule, kitchen skills, or budget!  This all new breakfast companion focuses on variety, quality ingredients, protein options: All hot topics in this Volume 4 of the popular LivingAfterWLS eBook Shorts series. The recipes are supported with 12 informative articles featuring the current scientific beliefs in health, weight management, and bariatric nutrition. Learn more than a formula: learn why certain ingredients and meals work to support your weight management goals!

Don't start another day without this knowledge in your toolbox for successful weight management after bariatric surgery. Link Here

More than 60 all-new breakfast recipes for all weight loss surgery procedures.
Tested and Approved from Kaye's Kitchen!
What's in it: Specific recipes and methods to start the day -even on the run- with a healthy high protein meal that supports your goals of weight management and balanced health following all bariatric procedures. From breakfast beverages to quick-fix microwave eggs this guide is sure to please even picky eaters and take away the guesswork out of the most important meal of the day. Over 60 all-new recipes developed with the same attention to nutrition, flavor, and ease of preparation that you have come to expect from LivingAfterWLS.

Who it's for: Patients of all bariatric surgical procedures will benefit from an improved repertoire of morning recipes to support their high protein diet prescribed for weight loss and lasting weight management after surgical intervention for the treatment of obesity.
Over 60 never-before published recipes. Put something new on your breakfast plate today! Recipes are triple tested and approved by Kaye Bailey and the LivingAfterWLS extended family including bariatric patients and people with their original organic stomach. We shared these recipes with our family: you can share them with yours. Let's get cooking!

Super Value Priced just $4.95 (approximately 60 pages)
Exclusively at Amazon Kindle

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Buy Now Just $4.95

Tempting Recipes:
Just a few of the tempting breakfast recipes that can be prepared in under 15 minutes!
  • Mocha Morning Coffee Smoothie
  • Cappuccino Cooler
  • Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie
  • Kiwifruit-Lime Yogurt Parfait
  • Cinnamon Peach Swirl
  • Chilled Plate: Caprese Layers
  • Melon and Swiss Continental
  • Creamy Dreamy Green Eggs
  • Fiesta Quesadilla
  • Salsa in the Morning Mug Scramble
  • Mama Mia Egg Lasagna

Go ahead! What are you waiting for?
Instant download now: Breakfast Basics of WLS

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Emotional Eating Solved

LivingAfterWLS Weekly Digest: Emotional Eating Solved
Check out the newest edition of our LivingAfterWLS Weekly Digest in our Archive:
"Thank you for joining me in this week's LivingAfterWLS Digest, I know your time is valuable and appreciate you spending some of it with me. Today  we discuss the reality of emotional eating - have you declared yourself an emotional eater? Being an emotional eater is not a character flaw, it is part of the human code that has evolved over many generations. From the beginning of mankind our species has sought food in response to physical and emotional needs. This is universal to every culture on the planet. The emotional need for food is so embedded in our behavior it is unlikely we can ever change it and trying to modify this inherent behavior leads to frustration and feelings of failure. Rather than change the behavior why not acknowledge it and manage it in a healthy and rational way? Today's featured article addresses just that topic: Emotional eating got you down?

We also take a look at Rule #2 - Lots of Water as a reminder how important daily water intake is to our weight loss efforts and our overall wellness.  And don't miss our Quick Tips and a delicious make ahead meal of chicken and potato skins
I hope you find this digest useful in your ongoing efforts for improved health with weight loss surgery. You have the power and knowledge to make this your healthiest season ever! Let's do it together!"

Link to Digest

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

New eBook Release: Protein First

New today from Kaye Bailey:
Protein First:

Understanding and Living the First Rule of Weight Loss Surgery

Hot of the Press! In this third release in our LivingAfterWLS short-read eBook series by Kaye Bailey we take an in-depth look at the Protein First Rule, why it matters, and how to live by the rule in a world bursting with simple carbohydrates.

Protein First: Understanding and Living the First Rule of Weight Loss Surgery (LivingAfterWLS eBook Shorts 3)

If you are asking “How much protein should we be eating for a Protein First diet?” here are the answers. Stop leaving your WLS results to chance and make a plan with current information and facts. Leaving it to chance and hoping for the best isn’t working for many of us; we are not eating the amount of protein our bodies need for optimum health, weight loss, and weight maintenance. Valuable information for all bariatric procedures and patients at all stages post WLS.

42 Tempting PROTEIN FIRST Recipes from Kaye's Kitchen!

"The reason I take time to research and report this information to you is because it can singly make a difference in the amount of weight you lose and your overall health and well-being. As disgusting as this (digestive) process is, the chewing and the mixing and the grinding – it is the difference between health and sickness, and vitally important to weight loss management and the avoidance of weight loss stalls." (Ch. 3 - Stumbling Blocks)

Super Value Priced just $4.95 (approximately 70 pages)

Exclusively at Amazon Kindle
Protein First: Understanding and Living the First Rule of Weight Loss Surgery (LivingAfterWLS eBook Shorts 3)
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Go ahead! What are you waiting for? Get on track with Protein First right now!
Protein First: Understanding and Living the First Rule of Weight Loss Surgery (LivingAfterWLS eBook Shorts 3)

Monday, January 19, 2015

Introducing Refurbished 5 Day Pouch Test Website!

Visit the newly refurbished 5 Day Pouch Test Website
"Give the 5 Day Pouch Test a try. I bet you learn your tool is not broken; it just needs a little tune-up"
Welcome to the 5 Day Pouch Test. I am Kaye Bailey and I developed the 5 Day Pouch Test in 2007 through extensive research and personal experience. Seven years after gastric bypass I started to regain weight. Weight loss surgery became another diet failure, another disappointment. My surgeon told me to "get back to basics" but he didn't tell me how. Like most bariatric patients who see weight regain, I was on my own to figure it out or surrender one more time to obesity. No matter how I vowed each morning that this would be the day I quit snacking on the soft comfortable simple carbohydrates and get back to the weight loss surgery high protein diet, by noon I was dipping into the cracker barrel or popcorn bucket or cookie jar. The cycle of morning resolve followed by mid-day submission to cravings led to self-loathing and feelings of weakness and failure.

Have you found yourself in a similar cycle? Many of us do, but it’s not because we are weak or spineless or moral failures. It turns out the human body’s metabolic system is far stronger than willpower. I wasn’t craving soft carbs by noon because I was morally weak. Those cravings were the body’s “tune engine” alarm sounding too loudly to ignore. This knowledge powered the creation of the 5 Day Pouch Test where over the course of five days we do some engine maintenance and gently transition the body from simple carbs and snacks to the WLS high protein diet supported with complex carbohydrates found in vegetables, fruit, and grains.

The plan works because when we manage our metabolic system with the same attention we give to willpower there is nothing that can stop us.

If this scenario is familiar to you I invite you to give the 5 Day Pouch Test a try. If you make your plan today and follow Day 1 tomorrow by next week you will know how magnificent and powerful you are. You own your WLS, and of course we all know WLS is “only a tool.” Give the 5 Day Pouch Test a try. I bet you learn your tool is not broken; it just needs a little tune-up.

Let’s begin and get back on track together, you are not alone.
You Can Do This!

"Hundreds of people have taken control of their surgical pouch by following the 5 Day Pouch Test. At the end of Day 5 many who were sad and hopeless at the beginning of the week report euphoria knowing the pouch is functioning properly. Hopelessness is replaced with confidence. Five days. That is all it takes to turn things around.
~~Kaye Bailey

Check out the website: