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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer Living-Having a Post-WLS Blast!

Hot off the press: LivingAfterWLS Weekly Digest

LivingAfterWLS Digest

Summer Living-Having a Post-WLS Blast!

Play Fair, Play Smart, Have Fun!  

May 30,  2012

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This week Americans marked the unofficial start of summer with the Memorial Day holiday. And it seems Mother Nature was ahead of schedule as much of the country recorded above normal hot temperatures. As the pattern goes for those of us recovering from morbid obesity with surgery, many of us will be spending more time out-of-doors in pursuit of health and activity that obesity had made difficult. With that in mind this week's LivingAfterWLS Digest takes a look at ways to make sure our summer activities are health promoting. We certainly didn't come this far in our weight loss to be sidelined with a food-borne illness or a heat related health crisis. So please, take a few moments to review these common sense articles full of great tips and advice for making our summer living fun!

I've also pulled out a few of my favorite summer recipes that are light and tasty making the most of fresh seasonal ingredients. I hope you will enjoy them.

Happy Summer - We are all in this together!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Free Gift with Every Purchase

I am very pleased to report that after our unfortunate inventory shortfall we have the 5 Day Pouch Test Owner's Manual back in stock and available for immediate shipment. All orders on back-order have been filled and will be out no later than today's US Mail. As a token of our appreciation for your patience we are sending a complimentary product sample package ($7 value) with each back-order. And today -- any order for the 5DPT Manual will also get the sample pack. A special thanks to our LivingAfterWLS Neighbors. Order now to get your free gift!!

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Weekly Digest: Lies & Myths of Goal Weight

LivingAfterWLS Digest
The Lies & Myth of Goal Weight
Avoid the Pitfalls Associated with a Single Goal 
May 16,  2016


Note: This is an encore presentation of our Goal Weight Range Newsletter previously published 05/10/2011. In response to many many requests we are pleased to publish it again and share this information that has made a positive difference in the lives of many WLS Neighbors. Thank you for joining us today in this LivingAfterWLS Digest. Check out our follow-up to this newsletter published 05/17/2011: Goal Weight Range Part II: Super Morbidly Obese. Calculating Goal Weight Range: The Process in Achievable Phases

May 10, 2011
Today I'm addressing goal weight as it relates to our experience with weight loss surgery. Prior to surgery patients are in cahoots with their surgeons as they plan for bariatric surgery, set the course and denote the finish line which will be crossed when goal weight is achieved. I don't particularly like to hear what I'm about to say and I know it is a tough thing for my WLS Neighbors to hear, but I'm putting it out there bluntly so we can face it and take action:

Few patients will ever reach goal weight.

There you have it. Numerous studies suggest that fewer than 20% of patients achieve goal weight. My work with patients of all gastric surgeries for weight management suggests the same thing. In fact, it is fairly common for me to meet someone who introduces themselves saying, "I'm one of those people who never made it to goal weight." Here is what you need to know about goal weight so it will cease to be a barrier to your pursuit of overall health.

Know This Truth:
It is the random method of determining goal weight that is flawed; it is not the patient who is flawed.

Goal weight is a random data point set arbitrarily with reference to standardized tables that are irrelevant to an individual's health history, age, co-morbidities and genetic profile. In most cases the goal weight creates unrealistic expectations for the patient. When patients do not achieve this random point of measure called goal weight they consider themselves a failure and "one of those people." Patients become hopeless and frustrated. These feelings almost always lead to rebound weight gain.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Safely Slim - Get 2 Servings FREE!!

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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Plateau keeping you from goal? Easy Fixes

5 Day Pouch Test Bulletin - May 2012

Plateau keeping you from goal?
Easy Fixes For Metabolism Slumps

There is great speculation among the seasoned ranks of weight loss surgery patients that at some point the magic of gastric surgery is gone and the body resets its metabolism adjusting to the new smaller stomach and different digestive system. During the phase of rapid weight loss, called by many the "honeymoon period," patients of gastric surgery seemingly lose weight without effort. In truth, patients are eating a diet so low in calories their bodies are near starvation mode. As the body heals from medical injuries sustained in surgery and adapts to the new stomach and digestive process of gastric bypass, gastric banding or gastric sleeve, it does tend to metabolize and store energy (food) more efficiently.
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Monday, May 07, 2012

5 Day Pouch Bulletin: Bust a Plateau!

From the 5DPT Bulletin - May 2012

Greetings Neighbors!

If you are receiving this message from me it is because you signed up to receive it and you probably already know a little bit about the 5 Day Pouch Test and about me. Thank you.  

If you follow the 5DPT you know I always say don't do the plan for quick weight loss.
Do the plan to get back on track with our WLS basics and refresh your memory about the Four Rules, slider foods, and liquid restrictions.
Any weight loss during the plan is a bonus. I stand by this.

But that doesn't mean the 5DPT should not be used to bust a weight loss plateau.  In fact, many thousands of people have reported to me that the 5DPT is the one thing they tried that worked in breaking a weight loss stall.  It is not so much that the plan is magic, although who among us wouldn't like to believe in magic now and again! The plan breaks a stall and promotes weight loss because it returns us to the dietary due-diligence prescribed at the time of surgery and we focus on using the tools that make weight loss surgery work. Generally weight is lost in the first few days of the plan and this serves us well as a great motivator to continue with the plan and beyond knowing we are powerful and can work the tool to improve our health and manage our weight.

If you are frustrated with a plateau give the 5 Day Pouch Test a try. Get that scale moving again and renew your confidence in your pouch, your personal power, and decision to have surgery in the first place! You Can Do This!!!

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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Tip #2: Linking Neighborhood & Facebook Accounts

Tip 'o the Month #2 - Synching the Neighborhood with your Facebook account:
It is very popular these days to synchronize social media accounts and the Neighborhood now makes it possible to connect your Neighborhood account with other social media including Facebook and Twitter. You are in control of these settings. Many people prefer to keep their Neighborhood identity separate from other social media due to the sensitive nature of WLS and the deeper conversations we enjoy here. On the other hand, many are willing to share-all, tell-all with their circle of friends beyond the Neighborhood. The settings options lets you share your content at your comfort level. Here's what to do:

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May Tip 'o the Day - In the Neighborhood

Hello Neighbors!

Welcome to May Tip 'o the Day! This month I am excited to share a daily tip with you that will help us all learn more about the features here in the Neighborhood and make the most of them so we can improve our overall community experience. Please check this thread each day and take a minute to learn more about what the Neighborhood has to offer. And if you discover some neat trick or feature we haven't covered yet please post here for all to see. I learn tons from our Neighbors and I think collectively we can bring the house down when we learn more about getting around! :love0028:

May 1 - Tip #1
Update and share your status! You will notice on the right-hand column there is scrolling box, "Recent Status Updates." It's easy to update your status and share! Click the down arrow next to your display name in the upper right corner, on the top navigation bar. This opens the settings box like this:

Posted Image

Click your cursor in the field, "What's on your mind?" and type your status. This could be anything you want to share with Neighbors including WLS, hobbies, weather, friends, family, work, 5DPT --- whatever is on your mind. When you have typed your thoughts just click or and your status updates and feeds to the scrolling box on the main screen! You can add comments or comment on one another's status simply by clicking the "Comment" button just below the status update. This is a great quick way to share and connect without posting. Give it a try! I'll be watching for your updates! 

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