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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Win Free Bariceutical Vitamins for a Month!

Hey Neighbors! I just got off the phone with Silvia and she apologies for some out-of-stock problems and customer service issues. Like any new company that experiences a growth surge there is a learning curve. But due to increased business she has been able to reduce prices on the Bariceutical product line without any compromise in quality.

Read my endorsement of Bariceuticals - I use these and love the way I feel!

Right now she is offering the Total Protein (My favorite product) at Buy 1 - Get 1 Free. Take a look:
True Protein - 15 Servings
Buy 1 Case/Get 1 Free for only $29.99
A $60 Value!

Go Here Now!

"Pre-Digested Total Protein complex is a concentrated, great tasting liquid that can be mixed with water or your favorite drink. It is essential for you to consume the right amount of protein to help your muscle mass and prevent anemia. The fact that you are not able to eat as much protein as your body requires, this pre-digested protein will fill the gap between what you are getting nutritionally and what your body needs. Recommended dosage: Bariatric bypass patients, 1-2 packets A.M. or P.M. mixed in water or your favorite drink and sipped gradually throughout the day which is helpful in the prevention of mal-absorption. Lap Band patients, 1 pouch each day at any time, just mix in 20 oz of water or favorite drink."

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

From WHFoods: Strawberries & Chocolate

Good Morning Neighbors! You know I'm a big fan of chocolate & strawberries and back in March issued the Chocolate & Strawberries Challenge. We continue to learn that small wisely chosen indulgences contribute to our mental happiness and nutritional health.

One of my favorite resources for current nutritional information is World's Healthiest Foods at

This week's featured food is Strawberries and I'm all over this recipe for strawberries with chocolate creme. If you are sugar sensitive replace the maple syrup with your favorite sugar-free syrup.

10-Minute Strawberries with Chocolate Creme

A delicious way to serve strawberries!

Prep and Cook Time: 10 minutes


  • 3 TBS low-fat vanilla or soy yogurt
  • 3 TBS organic cocoa
  • 3 TBS maple syrup
  • 1 pint strawberries

  1. Whisk yogurt, cocoa, and maple syrup in a small bowl. If your cocoa has lumps, sift it through a strainer before mixing with the other ingredients.
  2. Place mixture in 2 small sauce cups on a plate and arrange the strawberries around the cups.
  3. Dip strawberries into the chocolate créme and enjoy! Serves 2

    Healthy Cooking Tips:

    The taste of this recipe will vary depending upon the brand of yogurt used. A creamy, custard-type yogurt works best.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

What's for dinner?

Well, it's about that time of day again when I'm wondering "What's for dinner?" As silly as it seems I forget we have a great resource of recipes and nutritional ideas here at LivingAfterWLS! There is the Kitchen on the main LivingAfterWLS website that has loads of great recipe ideas that are both WLS friendly and family friendly. We have the Neighborhood Community Kitchen where we are all busy sharing recipes too. And then there is the 5 Day Pouch Test site with great recipes that are not just for the 5 Day Pouch Test. Give these sites a look and tell me "What's for dinner!"


LivingAfterWLS Kitchen
5 Day Pouch Test Recipes
Neighborhood Community Kitchen

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Hate Talk. It has to stop.

This morning I was bad talking to someone. Really harsh and hateful words. Ugly words. My husband was listening and at last told me, "Don't you dare talk like that to my wife." Yes - I was giving myself hate talk because I did not like the reflection in the mirror.

You know, I work with people every day to help them improve their self- esteem. I know the advice to give to others, yet there are days when I seem incapable of practicing what I preach. As luck would have it I have been filing paperwork this morning and came across a printed copy of the January 6, 2009 You Have Arrived Newsletter. The opening article really struck home with me today and I feel it timely to share with you as well. Today I will work on being kind to myself. How about you?

2009 - It's Your Time to Shine

by Kaye Bailey
Happy 2009 Neighbors! This is your year to shine and I'm going to help you with the 5 Day Pouch Test and our continued community support in the Neighborhood. In the Neighborhood this year we have already talked a lot about self-improvement and renewed personal commitment as we begin the New Year with resolve. After the buzz of the New Year dulls it may become easy to find reasons not to measure up to our resolution expectations. As we have heard lately, life gets in the way. But I suggest this year we don't resolve to live a better life: instead I suggest we expect to live a better life.

In 1980 the US Hockey Team, against all odds, beat the Russians to win the Olympic gold medal. It was a long-shot victory at best and when team captain Mike Eruzione was asked why they won he said the pundits had underestimated the team's intangible assets. He said, "Our abilities deserved seventh place. They were wrong because of the 'intangibles.' How can you measure desire, commitment, faith, passion, and courage? They weren't able to measure those 'whys.' There weren't able to see how much heart we had, how much pride we had, why we were so close as a team, and why we were willing to pay the price that enabled us to win. You ask why we won. We asked ourselves, 'why not?'"

I believe that as a community we can pool our desire, commitment, faith, passion, and courage to become a gold medal winning team of Neighbors who are doing our very best to thrive in a world where it is much easier to stay unhealthy. The power of collective strength is unstoppable. As is the course of human nature there will be times some are thriving while others are struggling: but together we can strengthen one another and we can meet our best expectations in 2009.

In this course of his studies on evolution Charles Darwin discovered that in sea turtles it is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor is it the most intelligent of the species that survive. The survivors are those most responsive to change. As weight loss surgery patients we have affected a major change on our bodies, our species. I consider that we caused a voluntary acceleration of evolution and because of this we must embrace and accept change with great enthusiasm. We don't have to be the strongest or most intelligent, we just simply have to move forward accepting this change and find what works.

Our surgeons have skillfully changed us physically. But the more difficult change comes from within. Within our minds, our hearts, and yes, our spiritual beings. When we embrace inner change our physical being will follow.

As part of embracing change I ask you to be kind to yourself. Be kind to yourself. This is a really important part of the 5 Day Pouch Test and LivingAfterWLS. Often people recovering from morbid obesity (myself included) put ourselves last on the priority list. Anything else feels selfish and we are giving people, right? Wrong. We cannot give fully of ourselves until we are healthy inside and out. And remember, you are never alone in this journey. Come see is in the Neighborhood.

Potassium at a Glance

Learn more about nutrition after weight loss surgery when you read "A Collection of Neighborhood Recipes - the LivingAfterWLS Cookbook"

Yesterday's "Cooking With Kaye" newsletter addressed the nutrient potassium and how to enrich our health with potassium dense foods. I hope you enjoyed the recipes and will make them part of your menu rotation as you cook for healthy living after weight loss surgery. Here is a brief summary about potassium for further reference:

Adults require 4700mg of potassium a day.

Potassium maintains normal fluid and electrolyte balance; facilitates many reactions; supports cell integrity; assists in nerve impulse transmission and muscle contractions.

Symptoms of potassium deficiency include muscle weakness, paralysis and confusion.

Toxicity symptoms include muscle weakness, vomiting.

Whole foods including meat, milk, fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes are excellent sources of potassium.

Here are some winners when it comes to whole food potassium with links to recipes in our LivingAfterWLS Kitchen:

Salmon - try Salmon with Ginger Teriyaki Sauce
Tomatoes - try Tomato Basil Saute
Winter Squash - Chicken & Squash Stew
Bananas - Strawberry-Banana Smoothie
Beets - Oven Roasted Vegetables
Cantaloupe - Melons
Yogurt - Salsa Yogurt Dip
Chicken breast - try Chicken & Mango Salad
Kiwifruit & Mango - Tropical Fruit Salad
Strawberries - Strawberry Parfait
Zucchini - Seasoned Summer Squash

Read more in the LivingAfterWLS Library: Boost Potassium with Food

And visit the Community Kitchen in the Neighborhood to learn what others are fixing up in their healthy kitchens!


May Day Knock & Drop

Hey Neighbors! I am a bit slow posting this -- where does the time go?

Have you joined our Neighborhood Knock & Drop yet? As part of Fun Friday on May 1 we are spreading flowers all over the Neighborhood and you can join us too! It's a great budget-friendly (FREE) way to tell your LivingAfterWLS Neighbors you care! Here's how it works:

Happy Fun Friday Neighbors!!! I'm taking a happy little May Day leap and posting today's Fun Friday Question -- Hope you don't mind, SongBirdDiane. As you all know, Fun Friday is our favorite Neighborhood Quiz Game where we get to know our Neighbors better and there is a chance to win FABULOUS prizes! Today's question is from me and the always generous KeepHerKitty has offered up some prizes. So let's get started:

Today's Game:

In many cultures baskets of flowers are often left in "Knock & Drop" style on friends and Neighbor's steps to herald the arrival of Spring. So here is your chance to Knock & Drop a May Day Basket to one of your favorite people here in The Neighborhood. Here's how to do it:

1. Pick a Neighbor and post their Name in your reply to this thread.

2. Pay tribute to that Neighbor by sharing something you treasure about them.

3. Describe the May Day Basket that you have left for them.

4. Drop them a note on their Profile that you have Knocked & Dropped a May Day Basket to them. (In the top navigation bar click Members, search for the name of your gifted Neighbor, when the search results return click the purple bar that has the member's name and then click "View Members Profile". When the profile opens there is a comment section on the right -- just leave a little note. It's as easy as that.)

You can give as many May Day Baskets as you like, but each needs to be in its own post.