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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Why can't I beat my carb addiction?

March 5 Day Pouch Test Bulletin 2013 - Now Online

We know from our search engine reports that many of you find LivingAfterWLS and the 5 Day Pouch Test by looking for answers about eating carbohydrates after weight loss surgery. Perhaps you, like so many other post-WLS patients find yourself taking little nibbles of soft snacky carbs with increasing frequency. Maybe you've regained some weight and are feeling frustrated and discouraged. Maybe you are embarrassed feeling you've broken your WLS tool. You are not alone. And you have the power to change directions and improve you health and weight management. Today's bulletin offers loads of information that empowers you to make changes you can live with.

Most of us, before surgery, agreed to follow the Four Rules and we likely banished processed carbohydrates from our diet - for life. That's because we understood that eating them before surgery contributed to our obesity - the result would be the same eating them after surgery.  But somewhere down the road we relax the rules and dip into the snack bowl. It is not that we are weak human beings. It is because soft carbs are more comfortable to eat than protein and in our society soft carbs are ever present. After weight loss surgery we call these snacks slider foods.

"The very nature of the surgical gastric pouch is to cause feelings of tightness or restriction when one has eaten enough food. However, when soft simple carbohydrates are eaten this tightness or restriction does not result and one can continue to eat, unmeasured amounts of food without ever feeling uncomfortable. Many patients unknowingly turn to slider foods for this very reason. They do not like the discomfort that results when the pouch is full from eating a measured portion of lean animal or dairy protein, and it is more comfortable to eat the soft slider foods. Slider foods have played a significant role in every case of post-WLS weight regain that I have ever heard about." (5DPT Owner's Manual page 34)

Today we look at the role of carbohydrates in the post-WLS diet and learn how to include nutrient dense complex carbs in our Protein First meals. When we find a balanced plate that works specifically for our individual WLS-pouch we enjoy feelings of fullness, feelings of wellness and accomplishment, and we are likely to lose weight and sustain a healthy weight loss.


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