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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Calling On Memories
Do you Remember the “War Zone?”

We have community member, Beth, who is one week out of surgery. She wrote to tell me she is doing well and being doted upon by her husband and sons. Beth asked a really great question, something I have not thought about for a long time:

“I want to find out more from the post-ops in the group regarding how their scars looked as time went on. I have seven "holes" from the laparoscopic surgery and countless other scrapes and weird skin bulges and folds. Please tell me that most of this stuff goes away!”

Now, I can remember looking at my stomach and thinking “HOLY CRAP! WHAT HAPPENED??” - - But in time the surgical wounds healed and the bunching and puckering leveled out. That’s how it worked for me.

What do you other post-ops remember about the “War Zone” on your stomach? Post your comments or drop me an email to

Have a great day!


Kim said...

My "blow holes" looked really good from the get go and the only bulges that I had were the ones that were there prior to surgery! The only disfigurement that I went home with was from the heparin (sp) shots...they left my tummy covered in little freckles which eventually went away. My little incisions left me with scars that faded like my stretch marks. Now that I've had the tummy tuck, they are all about two inches lower!

Diane; AL said...

I am 17 mths postop. I still have some faint scars from the lap. But I have a fresh new batch from the gallbladder surgery in July.