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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Monday Message from Kaye

This is a big week for seven of our LivingAfterWLS community members. Please wish Joanne, Susanne, Dona, Diana, Beth. KC, and Sheryl well as they begin their weight loss surgery journey. Please remember Margo in your prayers too! She is having a tough-go since her weight loss surgery and can use all the support we have to offer.

The October 3, 2005 issue “You Have Arrived” was delivered to subscribers Sunday. Did you miss it? Drop me an email or link to subscribe to this exclusive newsletter for the LivingAfterWLS community.

Future Topic: Sex, Obesity & WLS

In the recent reader survey a great and oft-ignored topic was addressed by one of our readers. In answer to the question what topics would you like to see at LAWLS she responded, "Do I dare say "sex"? One of my personal points is that weight gain has altered the physical relationship with my husband. He swears it isn't because I'm heavier, but face it, stuff doesn't fit together quite as efficiently as it did when we were both leaner. The reality is, if having the surgery doesn't improve intimacy with my husband, will it lead to more separation? What have WLS post-ops come to learn about this part of their lives? Did feeling better about yourself make you receive so much attention as to be flirting or tempted to? I hear of some marriages failing because of jealousy by the husband after his wife becomes more appealing to others."

This is a great topic I would like to address, but I need your input. Please drop me an email me with your experience. Your privacy will be protected. Write to me!

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