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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

LAWLS Personal Self-Assessment Tool
Is it working for you?

Hello Everyone!

Just a check-in to see how you are doing on the LivingAfterWLS Personal Self-Assessment Worksheet that delivered on Sunday. I must tell you, using the worksheet has made a difference in my week already as I have honored the commitments I made to myself. The worksheet helped me to realize I have been putting barriers in the way of my normal exercise routine and as a result was feeling lethargic. Using the worksheet I committed to 30 minutes of daily exercise and asked my husband to help me with this. So far so good and you know what? I feel better about honoring a promise to myself, I don’t feel so ashamed for making excuses, and I feel better physically.

One of our community members, Joy, sent a note about the Personal Self-Assessment Worksheet. Joy said, “What a great idea! I am a consultant and use contracts on a regular basis to secure my livelihood. Why not use one to secure my life? I love it!”

Perhaps one of the best parts of the worksheet is the chance to review all the positive things happening. Isn’t it true that as obese and formerly obese people we are very skilled at finding fault with ourselves. The worksheet is a great chance to take a moment and celebrate what we are doing right. Read what one community member found positive in her life:

“My health is better. I can fit into the cutest clothes. My health is so much better. My energy level is so much higher. When I drop something on the floor I can reach down and pick it up without about falling on my head.”

If you are new to LAWLS site and didn’t get the Personal Self-Assessment Worksheet drop me a note: and I’ll have it to you right away. This is a valuable tool for staying on track with our WLS. And if you have used the tool please post a comment here and share the community how it is helping you!

Best wishes,

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