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Monday, October 24, 2005

Sugar-Free Treats for Tricksters!

Candy is too tempting for me!
by Cynthia Plasek

Our community member, Cynthia Plasek, had her surgery in April. This is how she is prepared to face the candy-happy hoiday:

"This year my Trick-or-Treaters are getting colorful pencils and Sippy-Straws, animal shaped erasers and other small items that I stocked up on at the dollar store. When I figured out how much I usually spent for candy I will actually be money ahead this year! I won't be tempted and moms all over my neighborhood will probably be happy.

"Since I don't want to keep my mouth full by sucking on hard candy, and I hate sugar-free candy, I have short list of treats I allow myself. A few almonds or blanched peanuts have some protein and are satisfying. When I absolutely have to have something sweet I get some "Jelly Belly" jelly beans. They are only 4 calories each and come in many flavors. The best part is the flavor is so intense and rewarding that just a few satisfy me. Once in a while I enjoy good a mint and "Junior Mints" are less than 10 calories a piece, and are very good. Just a few ideas!

1 comment:

Nanci said...

Good ideas!

I give out small bags of unpopped microwave popcorn. I found them (decorated for Halloween) at Sam's Club. This way there is no candy around to tempt me. When I DO buy candy, I make sure it is something I don't like.