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Saturday, August 18, 2007

GDL: Grit Determination List

Since we are focused on getting back on track, rediscovering our pouch and empowering ourselves with success now is a great time to make a Grit Determination List. (grit: indomitable spirit: pluck)

A Grit Determination List?

Absolutely! This is a list of your Grit Priorities - the things in life about which we are unyielding; the things you will accomplish without regard or acknowledgment of life's barriers. Your list can include weight loss surgery rules and/or goals, healthy living concepts or just stuff you need to fix so you can thrive. Life has few absolutes - the GDL (Grit Determination List) is one of them. It can be a list of one or a list of one hundred. Just write it down. Hold your GDL close to your heart or share if you must. Either way, get hell-bent and uncompromising with your list.

Own it.
Live it.
Love it.

I share mine with you as a pledge to myself. After all, if my GDL is public then I have got to make it happen, right? Feel free to share your list in the comments here, on your blog or in the Neighborhood. Or, if it feels right, write it, learn it and burn it. This is your tool - use it in the most comfortable manner you know.

Kaye's Grit Determination List:

On this day, August 18, 2007 I vow to myself that I shall employ my personal powers of GRIT DETERMINATION to do the following:

1. Take my full vitamin cocktail - daily.
2. Engage in kindly self-talk with myself - daily.
3. Laugh at myself - daily.
4. Engage in "living" activity 40 minutes per day (this in addition to my scheduled exercise - 50 minutes per day).
5. Call my Dad every week.
6. Manage and clear my incoming paperwork/email - daily.
7. Empower others with positive talk even when I question my own capabilities.
8. Nap when I'm tired.
9. Manage personal guilt so that I neither feel like a failure, nor disregard life's lessons. i.e.; acknowledge that I am indeed, human.

There you have it, in the raw, my GDL. Have you started your list yet?

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