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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Thiamine Deficiency and WLS

I just finished reading another great piece of research and information from our own Professor Bama (aka Bamagal) regarding Thiamine (Vitamins B, B1) and thiamine deficiency in gastric bypass patients. This is an extremely important issue, particularly for those in the first two years of post-gastric bypass. Bamagal writes, "As you can clearly see, this can be very dangerous. We're talking about your brain here people." Please take a moment to read Diane's post. Be informed and pay attention to your health. As she said,

That's why I preach proactive health care. You must take an active part in your own care. You must seek out knowledge to make you a better health consumer. If there is one thing I've found out over the years, you can not blindly listen to your doc.

If there is only one blog you read regarding weight loss surgery make it Back Across the Line. There is no other web resource where you can go for current and straight forward information on weight loss surgery, bipolar disorder written by one with nursing credentials AND real life experience. Thanks Bamagal for providing this leading edge resource.

Have you experienced the symptoms of Thiamine Deficiency? How has your medical treated it? How have you proactively tended your own health care?

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