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Thursday, August 23, 2007

What is Fun Friday?

Fun Friday is an interactive Neighborhood game where we become better acquainted with one another by answering questions. We started Fun Friday in March of 2006, shortly after the Neighborhood was born. Each week a community member poses a question, another member offers prizes and the person who posed the question awards the prizes for the week. That person is also responsible to tag the next person to ask the questions.

Join the Neighborhood and play Fun Friday Today!

Tami aka Poohlady is the Fun Friday Hostess. She does a great job of keeping the conversation flowing, managing the prize trunk and prompting the awarding of prizes. I appreciate her effort in this area!

When asked to pose the Fun Friday question the member should PM that question to both Tami and me. On Friday morning Tami posts the Fun Friday to the Fun Friday Forum. We let the contest run through Tuesday of the following week and the *judge* awards the winners on Wednesday.

Questions can be serious, silly or sublime! We have some highly creative writers here and some truly fascinating answers have emerged by way of Fun Friday.

The Fun Friday game is not exclusive - we love for EVERYONE to participate. The more the merrier! So come one, come all and join in the fun. It's a great way for our new Neighbors to break the ice!

Fun Friday Hall of Fame 2006

Fun Friday Hall of Fame 2007

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