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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Kaye Answers Questions About Pouch Test

Here are some questions about the 5 Day Pouch Test that I answered in today's You Have Arrived Newsletter:

Kaye, Is this something you came up with yourself or did you get it from your doc?
This is a plan I developed based on the post-op stages given me by my center. Over the years I've done it 3 or 4 times to get back on track. When I first did this plan it was for 7 days, but it seems like 5 days works better for me. After all, we can do anything for five days, right?

Is the idea behind this that we "allow" our stomachs to shrink down a little and thus get that full-feeling sooner again?
The plan is first intended to allow your pouch to rest, just like right after surgery, to break the slider food habit and gradually work up to firm proteins that worked in the beginning to help us feel full and lose weight. It will work to help your pouch feel tighter.

I don't like protein shakes - What can I do for days 1 and 2 of liquids?
I know many of us became sick and tired of shakes early after surgery. If you wish to omit the liquid phase skip days 1 and 2; do day 3 twice, day 4 twice and day 5 once (or twice for 6 days). This program should not feel like a punishment, so work it for your personal taste.

Recipe Suggestions

Eggs don't sit well with me. Can I use cottage cheese on day 3?
Cottage cheese is a good soft protein, but we did not include it on the list for Day 3 because many consider it a slider food. If you use cottage cheese measure your portion (1 cup volume) and do not exceed that. Practice mindful eating to know when you are full.

Is there a time a day I should be eating each meal?
Again, this is your program. Work it to your schedule. The program allows that you can eat protein whenever you are hungry so try your best to respond to your body's signals.

The program is working so well, can I just stay with it?
If you are enjoying the program then we recommend you stay with days 4 and 5 alternating between the two. Day five is actually the plan that most centers recommend during the phase of rapid weight loss.

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