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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sizzling Hot BamaGal

Ladies and Gentlemen stand on your feet and put your hands together for our own BamaGal who has been named by Jimmy Moore one of the Sizzling Hot New Low-Carb Blogs for 2007!!! This is no ordinary blog shout-out - this is HUGE!!!! Jimmy Moore is a leader in the grass roots low-carb movement and he knows a good thing when he sees one. Diane started her blog in March 2007 and is now a leader in the low-carb community. Way to go Diane!!!

As you all know, an understanding and practice of low-carb is key in our success in weight management with weight loss surgery. If you haven't bookmarked Diane's blog, Back Across the Line, then don't walk, run to your favorites page and click SAVE now. Diane is the most current and accurate researcher when it comes to the low carb lifestyle with a little weight loss surgery and bipolar disorder mixed in for fun.

Glad to have you here at LivingAfterWLS, BamaGal and I am proud to say I knew you when you simply left comments -- now my friend, YOU are leader of the pack and I am your #1 fan.

1 comment:

BamaGal said...

Hey thanks for all your support over the years. Also thanks for the compliment---it means so much coming from you...:grins:

Also consider yourself TAGGED!!--just a little blogging fun---

Back Across The Line: I've Been Tagged!!!