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Friday, January 09, 2009

5 Day Pouch Test: Day 5

Hello Everyone!!!

I've just been reading through the 5 Day Pouch Test January 5th thread in the Neighborhood. We have lots of fine friends who have really kicked off 2009 with a bang! They have shared some great information and experience in this conversation - and it's just too good to leave it in the Neighborhood. So I'm bringing some of my favorite quotes to you for the inspiration and enlightenment. Remember: 2009 is YOUR time to Shine!!! You Can Do This!

For Days 1 & 2: Jane's French Onion Soup

Day 1: It's me's bedtime and I must say I've done well today. Had a few moments this evening where I wanted to munch something real bad, but managed to get over that with a few sips of Nectar Protein and have been sipping on water all evening. So I am ready for Day 2...bring it on! One thing I am noticing this evening---I don't feel bloated and all 'puffed up'........that's a good thing!

Ok, so I have my day 3 plan and it looks like day 3 will bring a trip to the gym unless the lady I work for calls and offers me some extra hours. Then I have no choice but to say yes. I just finished some more tea and a cup of the jello brand mint chocolate SF pudding. It is soooo good. I still want to eat, and eat, and eat some more. But instead I am going to bed. I have to work at 7 am for a couple of hours, I'll take a protien shake with me and then when I get home I will have some egg beaters. I am really looking forward to them..o my! My mouth is watering just thinking about them... how crazy is that????? Who would have thought that one would salivate over the thought of eating eggs????

Hello My Friends!
Although I haven't posted yet I have been following the 5DPT. Monday went really well...I was grouchy as all get out! LOL Tuesday I had a killer headache but thats ok. Thankfully work has been super busy so I dont get as hungry. I had some split pea soup for lunch and then I had 2 protein shakes the rest of the day since I couldnt stop for anything else. Where are you guys getting all the good soup recipes? & sour soup, egg drop soup, cream of turkey??? Am I missing something? LOL

(Hot & Sour Soup & Cream of Turkey Soup recipes are in the 5 Day Pouch Test Owner's Manual).

Day 2 was also a great day! I think the fact that I'm using those yummy soup recipes is the reason I am able to do it this time. They are so satisfying and I feel full and not deprived. For me, I don't think I would have done as well if I was having to just stick with liquidy broths or canned soups. I am looking forward to Day 3 tho'--Protein Drink & Coffee for Breakfast, Eggs for Lunch, Parmesan tuna for supper--have some left over soup if I need anything inbetween. Had a bit of an yen for carbs tonight (like toast), but I just let the craving pass and it actually went away in less than 5 minutes I'm sure. Keeping my hands busy on a knitting project while I watched TV also helped. Really noticed the 'tightness' of my pouch as well today--it is really happy. It makes me realize that I was stuffing the poor thing to it's extreme limits all the time.
-- Meryl

Jane reminds us the 5DPT is not about losing weight, it's about getting control. "Kristy, I stepped on the scale this morning... I'm tellin' ya... Is that TORTURE or what? My scale hasn't budged either. I KNOW BETTER than getting on that beast during the 5dpt... but I can't help myself this time. LOL!"
-- ~Jane~

Day 3 went really well. Damn I LOVE to tuna patties! I had them for breakfast, lunch and dinner (and snacks as well). I make them by moulding them with 2 dessertspoons so they're only little. I had egg and feta salad with them sometimes too. I'm really amazed at how much more in tune to my stomach I've gotten in the last couple of days. I've really had to stop myself from eating a lot earlier than I usually would. It was soooo hot here yesterday I got in all my water and then some. Supplements are going well and I'm really enjoying the early morning walks. I certainly wouldn't be doing anything any later in the day with this heat.
Kiwi Barbara S

OH YEAH by the way last night I had shrimp for dinner and I was going to make the buttery lemon shrimp form the 5dpt book but I forgot to get the yogurt spread so instead I put them in a pan, sliced onions tossed them in, added fajita spices, cumin, roasted garlic and red pepper, paprika and let them cook OH MAN! Then a took a little refried beans put that down and put the shrimp on top YUMMIE!! My hubby was like man this is good! Not to mention I got my Mexican fix too!

Ok - You have read through these great quotes. Go HERE to read the entire thread. And if you are as inspired as I am please join DonnaMarie and me next week (January 12, 2009) for the 5 Day Pouch Test! We can do this together!!

5 Day Pouch Test January 12, 2009

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