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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fabulous 5 Day Pouch Test in Review

Hello Neighbors!

Did you follow the 5 Day Pouch Test in the Neighborhood last week? This was our most active support conversation in the history of the 5DPT and we had lots of people supporting one another as we re-discovered the power of our surgical weight loss tool. Here are some clips from that conversation, you can read the full discussion here: 5 Day Pouch Test January 12.

"My 5DPT went well and it was such a frantic week it was nice to not worry about what to eat. I did not lose any weight but I feel less bloated and more in control, more at peace with my relationship with food. I am also more cognizant of my water intake - and I was slacking on that. So as far as I'm concerned the 5DPT was a success for me.

This is a reminder that the 5DPT is NOT a diet and not about losing weight. It's about getting back to basics, getting in control, finding the pouch again and feeling a sense of renewal. I'm looking forward to Day 6!!!

My compliments go to Donna Marie and all who participated this week. This has been our most active 5DPT weekly thread EVER! Way to go Pouchers!!! The ongoing support and accountability is a great motivator to all who participate. Thank you, each of you, for making this possible. I look forward to enjoying future 5DPT threads."

"Hello Everyone! I didn't post yesterday...but my day was great!! I'm feeling good. And I'm up early this morning & exercised for close to an hour! I'm excited and feel back on track & once again hopeful to get all this regained weight off! I've got a long way to go...but I weighed in this morning... and I'm 7lbs closer to my goal weight!!"

"WE DID IT!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!! I am feeling SO good. I learned a lot this week. For starters, I know what the "foamies" are, and I found out I am not the only one with "the CLAW"! LOL! I also learned that my pouch is not broken, and I can have control. Most important of all, I came to a realization that I can't believe took me this long - planning my menu and having all my shopping done, and preparing things ahead of time is the absolute KEY to success for me. And, I learned that there is a great deal of support and encouragement to be had here, and I need to participate more! No one can be an island when it comes to this.I hope that all of you have learned some things as well, both about yourself and this journey, and about your friends here at LAWLS. You CAN regain control of your weight loss surgery tool, you CAN eat compliantly, and you CAN stop the regain!I had a successful Day 6, and am working on a successful Day 7. I already have my menu plans done for the week, and will be going shopping so I can have everything in the house and prepared. I lost 7 lbs last week! That means I went under the 200 lb mark, which was very important to me! And, I now have also set a goal, which I never had, so I have something to work toward.I want to thank you so much, Kaye, for this site and most of all for the 5DPT. You are a lifesaver to all your sisters in the WLS community, and you have impacted so many people's lives. God Bless you.Thank you to all of those who did the 5DPT with me this past week."
--Donna Marie

Go HERE and read a full week of empowering support and inspiration.

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