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Thursday, January 08, 2009

MTV True Life

Hey Neighbors!!!

Have you seen MTV's documentary (not reality TV) show called True Life? It is an authentic documentary show about real people living the real gig of life with all kinds of twists, spins, and complications. It's a show about YOU! You know, a real person living the real gig.

Learn more about True Life: Connect Here

Right now Gina, one of the shows rockin' producers is looking for YOU -- a real person living the real life after WLS.

You need to be aged 18-27 and you need to have undergone some kind of surgical weight loss surgery and you need to be able to answer, "I'm Uncomfortable with My New Body" and talk about how your massive weight loss with surgery has affected you.

Is this you?

You know I'm school-marm protective of our LivingAfterWLS Neighbors and I don't toss out spam or false calls to you. I've talked to Gina and done a little homework. She's the real deal. She is on the up-and-up and if you answer her she's going to be great to you. We (You, Me, & Gina) want to present an authentic picture of LivingAfterWLS to the world via MTV. Gina told me, "T
rue Life" is a documentary series that's been on MTV for more than 10 years. It chronicles the stories of young people in all kinds of situations, from global and political issues like war and natural disaster to issues of personal struggle like mental illness and family matters. True Life is not a reality show. Our producers follow strict ethical guidelines and carefully avoid influencing our subjects' stories. It is also not a news show there is no host, reporter, or narrator. We allow our subjects to tell their own stories in their own voices."

Wanna apply for true life? Let Gina know. Here's her email address; tell her Kaye sent you:

Or write to me at and I'll get you in touch with the right people.



Soledad said...

I would love to do it but I guess at 31, I'm too old? Too bad.

Marie Braden said...

At 36, I'm too old, which bites, since my story (which includes a LOT of musicians from "back in the day" would make GREAT TV). Ah well!