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Monday, January 05, 2009

Hello 5 Day Pouch Testers!

Hello Neighbors!!!

It's the first official full-week of the New Year and that means it is RESOLUTION season!!! Are you with me? Resolved to take better care of your health and wellness this year by getting back on track with your weight loss surgery? I know there are many of you in the Neighborhood who are doing the 5 Day Pouch Test this week to do exactly that -- get back on track. Kristy is leading the team, take a look here: 5 Day Pouch Test January 5, 2009.

As part of your back on track plan I want to ask you to be kind to yourself. Be kind to yourself. This is a really important part of the 5 Day Pouch Test and LivingAfterWLS. Often people recovering from morbid obesity (myself included) put ourselves last on the priority list. Anything else feels selfish and we are giving people, right? Wrong. We cannot give fully of ourselves until we are healthy inside and out. I found this article by Dr. Iris Fanning on "Extreme Self Care" and I know this is an area in which I can improve. I hope you enjoy it as well. And remember, you are never alone in this journey. Come see is in the Neighborhood.

Extreme Self Care: Nourishing Your Soul to Reduce Stress - Burn Out & Fatique
By Dr. Iris Fanning

Extreme Self Care means making the decision to make choices that honor your soul in your everyday life.

One of my clients, Wendy (her name is changed) is a very successful designer. She was feeling overwhelmed, over-committed, unhappy, unhealthy and run over by her wealthy clients. When I had her pay attention to extreme self care, she replied: "Iris, that's too basic. It's like telling a designer she needs fabric."

Once Wendy really focused on Extreme Self Care she set more life affirming boundaries, focused on what was important to her, and placed herself on her "to do " list. Her life became enjoyable. Wendy has plenty of work, money and clients. She taught her clients to treat her with respect and let them know how soon her lovely creations could be completed. She also began her love life again as well as took time to walk, contemplate and have fun.

Sometimes the basics are just what we need to get back into balance. There's a huge difference between knowing what is nurturing for us and DOING those mind, body and soul things that bring us back into balance.
Being Your Best Self

Think of self care as love you give yourself to be your best self.

Let's look at the areas of self care:

* Stress Elimination

* Environment

* Family

* Love Relationships

* Health

* Emotional Balance

* Ingestion: Food, water, beverages, vitamins etc.

* Appearance

* Daily Rituals

* Spiritual Practices

* Work Life

Self Kindness is Bringing Your Best Self to Life

Extreme Self Care in Action

Now, it's your turn. Look at the ideas listed above. Choose 2-3 this week that speak to you. Let's say you choose: Stress Elimination; Emotional Balance and Appearance.

Now with each category, list 10 things that would be heavenly comforts to you if you implemented those practices.

Here's an example:

Emotional Balance:

1) Take a look at what I am focusing on; 2) If my thoughts are angry, sad, worry or fear...choose more uplifting thoughts to replace those thoughts.; 3) Call a friend and ask them to simply listen, support and be unconditionally constructive.; 4) Take a walk in nature at least 3 times this week; 5) Write out my feelings; 6) Take myself dancing; 7) Sit with my feelings. Acknowledge and honor what I feel. Simply be.; 8) Establish stronger boundaries so others don't "slime" me.; 9) Play with my children.; 10) Open myself to love, joy, hope and fun!

Your Turn

Set your intentions to make Extreme Self Care a Priority.

Now, do the steps listed above and relish in the sense of freedom, relaxation, happiness and love as you use loving kindness to bring out the best in yourself.

Copyright 2007, Iris Fanning. All Rights Reserved Worldwide. Reprint Rights: You may reprint this article as long as you leave all of the links active, do not edit the article in any way and give author name credit.

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