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Saturday, January 31, 2009

5 Reasons to Walk

Hello Neighbors! Happy weekend to you.

I just picked up the Reader's Digest special publication "Walk It Off" Winter 2009 edition. Of all the exercises I do I love walking the most. Outdoor walking in good weather is powerfully invigorating. And for those cloudy days breaking a good sweat on the treadmill is equally uplifting. "Walk it Off" offers "5 Great Reasons to Walk" on page 3:

1) You'll boost your self-esteem. Looking good and feeling in control make it happen.

2) You'll lose weight! And build muscle.

3) You'll be less hungry. Hurrary! Moderate exercise acts as an appetite suppressant.

4) You'll lower your stress hormones. And let's face it - who isn't stressed?

5) You'll sleep better at night. And sweeten your sex life!

Sounds pretty good to me! Have you gone on a walk today?

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