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Monday, October 09, 2006

Update from the LAWLS Test Kitchen

Hello WLS Bloggers!

I can't believe two months have slipped by since my last post here at the LivingAfterWLS blog. Boy time flies when a person gets busy. And busy I've been - testing and editing recipes for the first ever LivingAfterWLS Neighborhood Cookbook.

Earlier this year we enlisted the help and expertise of community members to share their recipes for our cookbook. We wanted recipes that complied with the weight loss surgery dietary requirements (high protein, low carbohydrate, low fat), recipes that were fast and easy to prepare and dishes that were refreshing and delicious to enjoy. After all, if you can only eat a few bites what you eat should be delicious!

The response to our recipe request was fantastic - we received over 300 recipes ranging from simple make-n-take protein roll-ups to elegant entrées for romantic dining WLS style. We even scored some pretty terrific healthy snack recipes and sensible desserts for everyday and special occasions.

Once the recipes were submitted it became my job as the lead cook in the LAWLS kitchen to test each recipe, calculate the nutritional content, double check ingredient lists, instructions and even spelling. Most of the time this was fun and exciting. Some days it got to be a drag when the weather was so pretty and I would have preferred to be playing outdoors. Overall, however, it was a pleasure to step inside the "kitchens" of my fellow WLS'ers and learn how they cook, what they eat and what is working for them.

What resulted from this collective effort is an original cookbook by WLS patients for WLS patients. I'm very proud of the contributions and effort by the Neighbors to share their recipes and tips for making life healthy and good through smart WLS cooking. The book is in the hands of our publisher now and will be ready for shipment come mid-November. I can't wait for the Neighbors to see their creation.

Order the LivingAfterWLS Cookbook: $14.00 (SAVE $2 off cover price)

Here are a few things I learned while editing the cookbook:

Ketchup, catchup and catsup are all correct spellings for a seasoned pureed condiment made from tomatoes. We used catsup in our book.

Chick pea is often written as two words, it is really one word: chickpea.

Parmesan is capitalized.

Spinach (fresh or frozen) is a favorite ingredient for many WLS cooks.

Most contributors made use of a variety of seasonings and herbs to enhance the flavor and appeal of their recipes. Fresh ingredients were emphasized by many. Processed ingredients were seldom called for.

There are an infinite number of ways to make stuffed eggs and most home cooks believe their recipe is the best.

Chicken, turkey and shrimp are top favorites for clean mean protein. But salmon, halibut, pork, beef and even scallops each make impressive appearances in the cookbook.

Finally - the most important thing I learned is that the LivingAfterWLS Neighborhood abounds with great cooks who are feeding their bodies well and succeeding with WLS. Congratulations to all my Neighbors!

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