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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Four Proven Strategies:
Successful Weight Maintenance

The January issue of Mayo Clinic Health Letter has a comprehensive article on the findings of the "National Weight Control Registry". I'm sure you've heard of this. Started in 1994 the registry collected information from 5,000 volunteers who averaged a weight loss of 72 pounds. The 10-year study revealed that many participants regained some weight, but most maintained a 30-lb weight loss. The researchers identified 4 consistent strategies for maintenance. While these people lost weight with conventional means I believe the maintenance strategies can work for us here at LAWLS - and I think our own JudyPetite (a 20-year success story) can vouch for all four of these. So here they are:

Eating a low-fat, low-calorie diet. "What ever the method, 99 percent of participants somehow reduced overall caloric intake.

Getting high levels of physical activity. "Over 90 percent of participants incorporated physical activity into their life, the average exercise expenditure was equivalent to about one hour of brisk walking every day.

Eating Breakfast. "Nearly 80 percent of the participants reported eating breakfast every day."

Frequent weighing. "Seventy-five percent of participants weighed themselves at least once a week."

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