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Monday, April 23, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday and I’m getting to be the age when it’s girlishly uncomfortable to mention my years, the age when I need glasses to read and the age when my doctor utters those painful words during my annual exam, “Well, at your age you can expect to have aches and pains.” Ugh!! But – it’s a good day! I am happy in love, healthy and engaged in the pursuit of post-WLS living at its best. At LivingAfterWLS we have a tool called the Personal Self-Assessment. It is a worksheet that we try to use quarterly to assess our goals, our progress and identify areas for improvement. Because it’s my birthday I’m going to take time today to use this self-assessment tool and start the next chapter of my life with a plan. As so many of us are learning (over and over again) WLS is not a quick fix or an easy method of losing weight. We truly must pursue the art of living with the surgery for the rest of our lives.

I am profoundly grateful for the surgery and the health that I now enjoy. When I look back at myself ten years ago I see a woman suffering from the co-morbidities of obesity with not much hope or motivation to change my lifestyle. It just seemed hopeless and that obesity was the hand I’d drawn. Had I not taken the path of WLS I’m sure I’d be 100 pounds heavier than I was in 1997. Those aches and pains the doctor tells me are “normal” for my age would no doubt be crippling. And most sad of all, I would have missed the last 8 years of healthy living and joyful evolution as a person. I am grateful for WLS.

Happy Birthday to Me! I hope you all have a great day and if the moment is right take some private time and work on your LAWLS Personal Self-Assessment. Make a plan, revisit your goals and enable your enduring success with WLS.

What is a WLS success? Watch this quick video:
Beyond the Numbers: Defining Success After WLS

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Kim S. said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!

Just think of all the additional birthdays that you've added to this lifetime due to the fact that you TOOK ACTION and followed through with WLS. Even more important, that you strive to make the right choices...healthy choices...this far out as a post-op. Truly an inspiration!

As for aches and pains, I am going through them myself. I'm taking a new approach to consuming "anti-inflammatory" foods, which just happen to merry well with the WLS post-op life.

Again, happy birthday wishes from me to you!