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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Riding the Train of Thought to Pleasantville

Previously Published Friday, July 13, You Have Arrived Postcard Club

Do you ever catch yourself panic thinking? Like today - Friday the 13th? Something like, "It's friday the 13th and what if I get in a car accident on the way to work and what if I'm unconscious and what if they can't find my wallet and what if they don't know my blood type and what if... what if... what if?" Oh yes, I've been a victim of my own out-of-control imagination and I bet you have as well. What confuses me is unless I'm playing "What if I win the lottery?" my "what if" thinking is almost always catastrophic, seldom favorable.

So today I'm turning a new leaf. I'm walking in the path of the black cat and I'm opening my umbrella indoors. Ok, maybe not indoors but perhaps under the awning! My what if thinking today will be positive with nary a trace of catastrophe. Here I go:

- What if I make it to work safely five minutes early?
- What if my boss notices I'm at work early?
- What if I follow my food plan and feel good about myself for doing so?
- What if my boss says I can leave early because of my timely arrival?
- What if I use that time for an extra push at my workout and feel good about myself?
- What if I go clothes shopping and everything fits the first try?
- What if I say "Thank you" when someone offers me a compliment instead of declining the compliment.

You get the idea! So I'm offering this Friday the 13th challenge to you. Turn those "What if" statements around and put that train of thought on the rails to Pleasantville! Don't get off the train at Catastrophe Station - Keep on riding till the sun sets on the best "What if Friday the 13th" ride you've ever had the good luck to enjoy!


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advice positive from here on out! thanks. Its always good to get a nice piece of encouragement.