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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Shout-Out for Mel's Recovering Fatty Website

Hello Neighbors!

One of our good Neighbors here, Melinda, has put together a beautiful website and she is enjoying a growing community over at Recovering Fatty. Like the Neighborhood, her site is a licensed IPB board (so it works just like the Neighborhood), it is secure from spammers and flamers, and it is advertising free. Melinda is a special person with a kind heart and giving spirit. She writes beautifully and you will enjoy her many articles and her blogs. Mel is doing good work for the weight loss surgery community. And as far as I'm concerned we can never get too much support in this way of life.

Best to you Mel & your community.

1 comment:

Lisa Sargese said...

Her blog is really great! Honest and high quality. I linked to her on my blog. Best of luck to all!