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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Four Rules: Protein First

Weight loss surgery patients are no strangers to the miracle of a high protein diet. In fact, the first rule of the post-gastric surgery lifestyle is "Protein First". The Protein First rule works not just during the phase of weight loss, but is essential to our ongoing weight management with weight loss surgery including gastric bypass and gastric banding procedures. The reasons for this are metabolic: protein increases our metabolism and requires more energy to digest than simple carbohydrates or fat. Furthermore, when we eat protein first there is little room for slider foods or starch in our downsized gastric pouches.

Mainstream weight loss and weight management programs continue to find good reasons to go high protein. Read Paul Kramer's well written article below:

Protein Weight Loss - Your Friend in Your Hour of Need

By Paul Kramer

The overwhelming majority of dieting plans and gimmicky eating regimes (and it should be noted that such plans are also the most likely to fail) all focus on demonizing certain types of foods, be it carbohydrates, refined sugars or saturated fats, bemoaning the risk they pose to the efforts of hard working dieters everywhere.

This is a sad turn of events, because whilst yes, it is necessary to reduce our intake of certain food stuffs if we wish to lose weight, we should also be aware that certain types of foods can also help us lose weight more quickly, more effectively and more efficiently.

Protein weight loss may sound like yet another fad diet, but believe me, the results are very real and very potent indeed and it should be noted that protein is a vital component of our diet because it is used in the production of various chemical reactions throughout the body, as well as the repairing of damaged tissue as well as the production of new tissue.

Protein when consumed, helps to raise the body's temperature by a very small amount (in most instances not even a full degree). However this marginal increase in the body's temperature is enough to have a significant impact and effect upon the metabolism of the body, greatly accelerating the calorie burning process.

Protein is also an essential component in the development of muscles, and it should be noted that the body has to metabolize calories quicker in order to actively sustain muscles. Therefore, the greater the percentage of your body which is pure muscle, the quicker you will burn that fat off, and the harder it is to retain fat.

Increased consumption of protein will also help to safely and effectively suppress hunger pangs as well, meaning that you will snack out far less.

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Review the Four Rules


Mrs. Murphy said...

Kaye, I always think you need to change it to 5 Rules: add VITAMINS! That is one of my personal rules!

with appreciation for all you do!
Mrs. Murphy

Kaye Bailey said...

Mrs. Murphy - Thanks for your comment! I agree that vitamins should be the 5th rule!! Now, if only I was the one who made the rules.