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Monday, August 10, 2009

You Should Have Admitted

So, I'm going through the comment moderation for the LivingAfterWLS Blog by Kaye Bailey today. Someone signing on as "Fat Bastard" commented on the Vitamin B Supplementation post of August 5th:

"You should have admitted you were a glutton."

hmmmmm ---- isn't having restrictive stomach surgery to prevent over eating the greatest admission of gluttony? Just asking. And for the record, I do not believe gluttony was the exclusive 7 deadly sin to cause my obesity. There was sloth (lack of exercise); pride (unwilling to seek help or support); lust (hunger for all things decadent); greed (keeping all left-overs for myself) ..... you get the idea!

So I deleted the comment. What are your thoughts on this type of feedback? Is it appropriate to delete it or should we allow it so that the prejudice against the obese can proliferate?


kim said...

Kaye: wow...what you wrote there about the sins really got me (especially not asking for help!) thanks for posting that!!

as for you question? those kinds of comments are the kinds of comments many of us have heard all our lives. if you choose to remove's ok with me. i surely won't miss them. however, if you choose to leave them...i read them, of course, but i will also ignore or comment as i see fit. either way, your "stuff" is great and i will keep on reading! :-)

martinsburg, pa

Unknown said...

Ever since blogs and comments were invented, a new species arised: the trolls. They feed on other people's reactions. So if you delete or react to their provocations you are just engaging in their game...
We bariatric patients know well enough about our sins, and all the effort it takes to stay away from the wrong ways.
So there, dear Troll, come and visit, but know that we are more aware than you are about how we got here...

Kaye Bailey said...

Hey Kim & Paula -- Thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate. I guess after so many years of obesity-related hatred I'm just weary of it. It is sad, as Paula mentions, that the trolls are out there. The sad part is that while they are messing with us they are failing to leave healthy and productive lives. What a shame and what a waste.

So off we go - keep on keepin' on the good fight for our health: mental & physical.


dstlfx said...

Gee, I didn't read Fat Bastard's response as a hate-filled trollish attack on all of us. Rather, I saw some self-loathing on his part - and shame - something we have all had to deal with whenever we "had to" admit that we had failed so many times that we needed bariatric surgery. It sounds like he has been listening to society, rather than all of us here - so, i'd rather see him comment and's ok, Fat Bastard....yes, you felt like a glutton, like a sloth, like someone less human than all those thin people out there - but all that is now changed - you have taken back your life. Welcome to the second half. You can stop feeling like a sinner and help others, so that you can feel more like a saint.