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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Feasting Season - How to Cope

Little Reminders that Make a BIG Difference
Fasten Your WLS Safety Belt

Autumn LeafhintsEven if you are not planning to do the 5 Day Pouch Test this week or any time soon there are things we can learn from it that help keep us on track, particularly during the feasting season. Think of it this way: When you get in your automobile to drive someplace a little reminder light illuminates on the dashboard to remind you to fasten your seat belt. Now, you do not say to the car, "Today I do not plan to get in an accident so it is not necessary for me to wear the safety belt." No. What you do is put on the seat belt and make certain it is latched securely. You protect your safety even though you have no intention of being in an accident. By the same token we can take safety precautions to protect our WLS health even though we have no intention of coming in harms way. Think of the following actions as buckling your WLS safety belt, keeping you securely in place in the event of an accident:

Daily Vitamin Supplements: It is proven that our immunity weakens this time of year due to weather and stress. Protect your immunity by following the vitamin supplementation program prescribed by your bariatric center, nutritionist or general practitioner. Make this a priority. This is not selfish. In order for you to be healthy enough to take care of the commitments and obligations in your life you must first take care of your nutritional health. Take your vitamins. Consult your doctor if you are uncertain about what vitamins and minerals you should be supplementing in your diet.
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Splurge Wisely: I don't think it is fair or reasonable to expect that once we have weight loss surgery we will never enjoy a food splurge again. But what I do know is that as I gain WLS maturity I learn to splurge more wisely when opportunity presents itself. For example, I am a recovering macaroni salad lover. In fact I dare say a goodly portion of my former thunder thighs may very well have been macaroni salad incarnated! But the fact is, macaroni salad is not that good. Macaroni salad is truly not splurge-worthy. These days I am happy to overlook the macaroni salad in favor of a finer culinary experience such as baked brie and poached pears or a vine ripened strawberry dipped in dark chocolate. Put a value on your splurge and you can be certain to enjoy it all that much more.
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Beware: Nobody Can Eat Just One Chip! A popular potato chip slogan claims "nobody can eat just one" and it is one of the greatest truths in advertising. Soft salty carbohydrate snacks are addictive and lead to weight gain before bariatric surgery and sadly, many have gained weight after bariatric surgery from eating soft salty processed carbohydrates like potato chips. After surgery soft carbs are considered slider food because they move quickly through the small surgical pouch and satiation never occurs when eating them. In addition, the saltiness prompts us to drink liquid with them further creating slurry and washing them through to be absorbed and converted for fat storage by the body. Often we eat slider foods in unchecked portion size and the very nature of the surgical pouch is defeated. While it may seem extreme please consider complete abstinence from salty soft carb snacks rather than having just a few and then mustering the will-power to stop eating. Nobody has ever told me they felt bad after a party at which they ignored the chip bowl, but hundreds of people have confided how low they felt when they could not keep their hands out of the chips. You already know what chips taste like. Nothing there to see. Move along.
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Kindness Counts. In an age of anger and discord small acts of kindness go a long way in making the world a brighter place. Speaking in generalities people recovering from morbid obesity tend to be generous and compassionate to others. I  often witness you serving commiseration from a seemingly bottomless pot of kindness. Today I suggest you serve yourself first and enjoy the pleasure of your own kindness. You are a good and worthy person deserving of your own generosity. Enjoy it. Take a break from the self-judgment that seems to prevail and celebrate the good and valued person that you are. Be kind to yourself today.

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