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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Addiction, Transfer-Addiction, You & WLS

LivingAfterWLS Weekly Digest: 09/19/2012
Hello and Welcome!

Today I address the topic of addiction and transfer addiction after weight loss surgery. I have been asked many times to offer an opinion on this topic and have avoided it because I am not trained in the field of addiction medicine. True addiction is serious and may be life threatening - it is not simply a word we can toss about glibly as an excuse like "I'm addicted to chocolate".  We are doing the weight loss surgery community an injustice when we presume to diagnose addiction without taking the proper clinical steps for assessment, screening, and then treatment. Addiction is serious business.  I hope the information in this Digest is useful to you as you consider this topic in relation to our collective weight loss surgery experience.

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NJ Weight Loss Surgery said...

I have personally witnessed a handful of patients experience transfer addition after weight loss surgery. This is why preoperative screenings and post-op support are both vital ingredients in each individual success story. Good article, I'll be sure to bookmark this!