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Monday, January 06, 2014

5DPT Bulletin: Rock your WLS like nobody's business

When we treat obesity as a disease rather than a personal moral failure or emotional weakness we can rationally take the action which brings forth favorable results.

5 Day Pouch Test Bulletin available in our archive and delivered to your Inbox. Great inspiration for your healthy New Year!

"Here we are, a fresh new start. First, let's think back to the beginning of this journey. WLS patients recall very well the research we did prior to surgery, the questions and answers, and the learning. As a group we are above average knowledge seekers. So it stands to reason that along the way, well after surgery, we again turn to education and learning in support of our weight loss goals. Today let's look at managing our obesity from a clinical approach rather than an emotional reaction. The medical community officially recognizes obesity as a disease. So its time we start doing the same."

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5DPT Bulletin January 2014

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