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Monday, December 08, 2014

Weight Gain is Not Unavoidable: Holiday News You Can Use!

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Tis the season to be gaining weight! Not so fast. We have control of our own fork and it does not have to be the gaining season. It's easier than you might think!

Remember, nobody ever gained 5-7 pounds in 6 weeks from enjoying a few wisely selected holiday traditions."

I am pleased to tell you that the mainstream media is wrong when they say every one of us will gain five to seven pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It simply doesn't have to be that way. Over the years I've learned a few things about working the WLS tool in harmony with the act and pleasure of celebrating the season with food, family and friends. Take a look and see if you can work these tips into your holidays and prove the weight gain wardens wrong.

Protein First is our WLS Rule #1 and our best friend during the holiday season. When we keep our protein intake above 80grams a day, spread throughout the day, we fuel our metabolism into high burn; we have increased energy and fewer cravings. Gastric bypass patients avoid dumping.

Protein First: Why it works and how to get enough

Get your protein from real food as much as possible in order to experience the process of eating and digestion. Protein shakes and protein bars are fine in a pinch, but they should be no more than 1/3 of your daily protein intake.

For a quick protein fix try tuna with hard cooked eggs; chopped lean chicken or meat tossed with a small amount of salad greens and dressed in low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese, chilled ready-to-eat shrimp, vegetables with humus dip, or a measured portion of dry roasted nuts.

Enjoy your favorite holiday classic appetizer, starchy side dish or dessert only after eating three to four bites of lean clean protein. In so doing we decrease the amount of treat we are able to consume thus maximizing our pouch space. The few bites we are able to comfortably eat are that much more delicious. We avoid glycemic overload and in the long run the dreaded holiday weight gain. This is a powerful way to work the bariatric pouch so that it works for us.

Coping: When guilt gets us down

Have dessert within 15 minutes of your meal. Waiting any longer results in a larger serving and the satiation factor of your healthy high-protein meal is lost. Do you remember back in our morbidly obese days when we enjoyed our hearty meal, took a nap and enjoyed a second hearty meal starring dessert(s)? That's a tradition we don't need to bring back because we all know what comes with it.

Be mindful of your liquid restrictions. While it is often necessary to sip during meals where conversation is enjoyed pay attention to avoid turning sips into gulps. Gulps with food will wash the food through your pouch before any of the nutrients are absorbed. You will be able to eat more and will not reach that comfortable satisfied feeling that comes with a properly fed pouch. Learn more: Liquid Restrictions

Chose your indulgences carefully and proceed to enjoy them wisely. Give yourself a pat on the back when you do well. Be rational about events when you stray from your eating plan. Forgive yourself, learn from the event, and consider your next meal an Opportunity for Improvement.

Helpful Activity: Do a status check before the holidays are in full swing using the LivingAfterWLS Self-Assessment worksheet. "This worksheet should be used as a private tool with the intent to keep your eye on the goal. It is a contract with yourself; a contract of honor and self-respect because you deserve to treat yourself well and engage in appropriate long-term behaviors in pursuit of your healthiest life." ~Kaye Bailey

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