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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Struggling with WLS? Try this at your next meal and see results fast.

Check your inbox or link here to our newly published LivingAfterWLS Inspired Reminders Newsletter. Published February 22, 2017 this hot issue is all about digestion and how making one small change in your eating habits will change the way you lose weight now! Don't miss it. Link here for the archive:

Digestion Starts Here!
Why making good chyme fuels weight loss 


Thank you for your time as you join me in this weekly digest from LivingAfterWLS. Recently I've found myself busy-eating or multi-tasking through meals. The result is poorly chewed food, pouch discomfort and unsatisfied hunger. I know better. We all know better, right? From our earliest school years we were taught to slow down to eat, chew our food completely, and don't talk with our mouth full. Such sensible advice that is so easy to forget.

In today's newsletter I share a section from my Protein First book that discusses the essential importance of chewing our food well and how doing so leads to improved weight loss: The disgusting reality of digestion.  I needed this refresher and I hope you find it timely as well. You will also find a terrific weeknight recipe for Skillet Parmesan Chicken and a link-summary of popular posts from the LivingAfterWLS Blog.

Thank you for your time and I wish you a distraction free, unhurried meal where you can chew your food well and enjoy the benefits of a well-digested nutritional meal."

Kaye Bailey

Check out the newsletter in our Archive: Inspired Reminders February 22, 2017

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