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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Are You Joining the Challenge?

We are three days into the New Year – Have you resolved to join the LivingAfterWLS community in the “Fit Is It!” Challenge? All it takes is 30 minutes a day – a total of 180 minutes organized physical activity a week (one day off for rest). I’ve committed to doing my 180 minutes and I’ll keep you posted. Another community member, Dawn, has joined the challenge. Her letter inspired me – I think it will inspire you too!

Email Me The Challenge!

I accept your challenge: “Keep The Kovenant”

Hi Kaye,

This is Dawn... you may remember I am the Mom with 2 full time jobs in the process of putting 2 daughters through Medical School.

So, as you said, pre-op I acknowledged that I would keep the WLS covenant and exercise post op, but I just have not done that whatsoever; making the lame excuse that working 2 jobs just does not allow me the time to do it. Yea, whatever... I do have a hectic schedule and my personal time is virtually nil - but this was a forever life change and I simply need to prioritize. I know that for the exercise routine to work for me, I must do it at home. I simply cannot go to a gym, although I have a membership that I had frozen quite some years ago when my knees were as big as honeydews! Back in the spring, cognizant that I must exercise, I took the initiative to order a nice recumbent bike from Costco - they type that takes your pulse, that you can adjust the tension, you know the Mercedes of recumbent bikes! Costco graciously delivered it right to my front door... why the UPS man even slid all 120 pounds of it into the foyer - where it safely rests to this day! It has been adorned throughout the months with all sorts of foyer decor - from flip flops to ice remover! What a lovely item the gigantic cardboard box has been to greet my guests, but alas, your Jan 06 newsletter has inspired me to redecorate the foyer! That lovely cardboard will be shed and I will have my hubby to assemble the said bike in the abandoned bedroom of my youngest daughter! Yes, the time has come to see what is inside the magic box!

I recently went to my surgeon for my 1-year check-up after WLS. The nurse, Doc & nutritionist asked me about exercise... they of course received the same standard answer I gave them before, I just didn't have the time. I did tell them that my intentions were good and that I had actually ordered and paid for the lovely recumbent bike, but it was serving as an accent table in my foyer, still encased in the deluxe brown cardboard box as delivered by the reliable brown truck. They all laughed and reminded me that in order to reap the benefits of the bike, I had to take it out of the box!!

Hopefully with a skilful assembly by the hubby (along with a few choice words for the assembly directions, I am certain) I will be peddling within hours. I have printed the "Fit Is It" Chart to place in the room with the lovely bike, who I have so aptly named "K." I also have printed a sign that says "Keep the Kovenant." Little poetic license there with the use of the letter K, but it works for me since you were my inspiration.

I will keep you informed on my progress and as always - many, many thanks for your inspirational newsletters. They never cease to amaze me! I love the Virtual Fitness Trainer website! So, Kaye, Happy New Year to you & many thanks for all you do!

Almost half the person I used to be,

Thanks Dawn for the laugh and inspiration! If you are ready to join the challenge write to me – tell me your plan! And if you need the newsletter or worksheet write to me and I’ll send it along! This is the year that FIT IS IT!

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