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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Fit Is IT Challenge - Week 2

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We just finished Week 2 of the Fit Is IT Challenge - 180 minutes of exercise a week - -that's the challenge, 30 minutes a day 6 days a week? How did you do? If you recall, last week I made excuses and fell short of the 180 minutes logging only 160 minutes. I am pleased to report this week I logged 250 minutes of exercise! And I feel GREAT about myself! Imagine that - feelings of accomplishment vs. the self-loathing I felt last week. I hope you are feeling the same way!

Remember Dawn, our friend whose treadmill sat in her entryway for a year unopened? Well, she took the Fit Is It Challenge and read what she wrote, "Just a quick note to let you know that my biking has been successful thus far. Amazingly enough, I have found that getting on the bike just before I retire for the night has been great! You wouldn't think that exercising at the end of the day would be optimum, but it truly has prepared me for a good night's sleep."

"Initially, I watched the 11pm news while cycling. With that method, I found myself watching the clock to see how long I had been on the bike, pushing to get 30 minutes in before I gave up. A few days into the 'new training,' I decided to put on the earphones and use the new iPod my daughters gave me for Christmas, grooving to the oldies I love. It has been FABULOUS! The workout is effortless and I find that I have to make myself get off the bike after 1 hour! I scroll through the tunes to find something upbeat that gives me the pace that I need to achieve on the bike and before I know it, I have worked up a small sweat and I am just 'dancing' if you will on my bike!"

Way to GO DAWN!!!

I love getting letters like that. Another one of our community members, Rachael, wrote, " I am taking up your fit is it challenge and will try to put in 200 minutes a week. I've found I really love swimming and joined a gym so I can do laps." By the way, Rachel has lost more than 130 pounds in the 8 months since her surgery.

Way to Go RACHEL!!!!

Kim Stover, our frequent contributor, is a dedicated come rain-come shine fitness fanatic. Kim is intent on shedding a few pounds that snuck-up on her. I asked how her week went and for some brilliant words of wisdom. This is what she said, "Who Am I To Talk About Fitness??? I've worked my ass off all week and gained weight. My mantra has always been, "It is what it is". In this case, I'm saying, "Some things can't be explained". In spite of the weight gain I'm confident Kim is still chugging along with her fitness routine. As so many of us are learning, Kim KNOWS that long-term weight-loss, health and fitness requires constant effort.

Way to Go KIM!!!

This week my personal challenge is 240 minutes of exercise. That means six 40-minute workouts for me this week. Like Kim and everyone else, it's about constantly challenging the body. When we reach goal weight it is essential to make new goals and add new challenges so we always have something to work toward. If we don't have something to work toward it becomes easy to slide backwards.

Have a great challenge this week!

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