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Friday, January 13, 2006

Friday the 13th
13 Ways to Treat Yourself Good

1. Take deep breaths to oxygenate your cells. Breathe in through your nose filling your lungs completely. Hold it. Breathe out through your mouth. Repeat 13 times.

2. Stretch your body. Reach hands high over head as far as you can, then slowly bend and reach for your toes 13 times.

3. Make a list of 13 personal accomplishments since your WLS.

4. Make a list of 13 Fun-To-Do's that your WLS makes possible.

5. Take a 13 minute walking break and enjoy the power of your new body.

6. Give yourself a $13 treat - a nice hand cream or a specialty tea - something you don't normally buy for yourself.

7. Make a salad using 13 different vegetables. If you prefer, make a 13-veggie soup.

8. Eat 13 almonds, one at a time, chewing and enjoying.

9. Divide the number of pounds you have lost by 13 and call the result your lucky number of the day.

10. Smile at 13 different people today.

11. Give yourself a 13-second hand massage using an aromatic lotion. Your hands will appreciate the break from the keyboard.

12. Kiss and/or hug someone 13 times. (Pets count too!)

13. Take a 13-minute time out and just be.


Magogo's Musings, too said...

This is a great reminder. Thank you. Margo

cee cee said...

this was really cute :)