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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Smart WLS Smoothies

WLS patients are always looking for a tasty smoothie type drink, particularly during the liquid diet stage in early post-op. Traditionally smoothies are high in sugar and should be avoided by the WLS patient. In addition, many are high in calories and low in protein. With some clever substitutions a smart WLS smoothie can be created and enjoyed knowing it is high protein, low-sugar, low-fat and nutrient dense.

One of the best foundations for a WLS healthy smoothie is tofu – don’t stop reading – I know we hear the word tofu and think ICK! But when used with other ingredients it cleverly takes on different flavors and disguises itself as a healthy indulgence, not a freaky ingredient. If you can’t bring yourself to use tofu try using plain non-fat yogurt in place of tofu.

According to Dr. Andrew Weil in his book The Healthy Kitchen “There are a number of advantages to learning how to cook with tofu. Not only is it extremely versatile, it is a healthful alternative to protein foods of animal origin, because it has hardly any saturated fat, and the fat it does contain is relatively good for us. In addition, tofu provides isoflavones, compounds that reduce risks of heart disease and cancer (especially breast and prostate cancer). And tofu is quite inexpensive compared with meat and poultry.”

What to look for when buying tofu: Always check the expiration date and use as soon as possible. Tofu should have a mild pleasant taste and smell. It should never appear discolored or smell sour. Purchase low-fat silken tofu for these smoothie recipes.

The Healthy Chocolate Smoothie recipe calls for protein powder. You can add protein powder to any of these recipes to increase the protein grams in a single serving.


Orange Dream Smoothie

Strawberry-Banana Smoothie

Healthy Chocolate Smoothie

To learn more about healthy eating read Dr. Weil's book:


Jenn said...

Kaye - Hi. I tried following the links for the smoothies, and unfortunately, none of them worked for me. Will you please try to repair them?


The Catapillar said...

Thanks for the advice I think adding tofu is a great idea. My Doc doesnt like protien suppliments early on. (I am three weeks out). I am going to the store tomorrow for some tofu. :)