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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Judy's Fit Is It Update:

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(Photo from Flickr - OK, that's not Judy but I think it's a cool photo of Barbie in her 1980's Jane Fonda workout clothes!)

I am so excited to share Judy's Fit Is It update! When I read it I wanted to get up and put my walking shoes on! She is truly an inspiration - remember - Judy is almost 20 YEARS POST-OP and successfully maintaining her goal weight! It can be done!

"Hi, Kaye! I'm proud to report to you that I have worked out every day this month so far. Last week (15th through 21st) was my best week; I logged 422 minutes. My total through today, 1/25, is 1374 minutes, and I think that's better than I did the entire month of December! I did work out every day in December, but it was a busy month. I was still able to surpass 300 minutes each week."

I do video workouts each morning. My favorite is step aerobics; I have some dance aerobics that I'm also quite fond of. I try to get in strength training and/or Pilates at least 3 times a week, but my favorite workouts incorporate cardio in with the toning. We've had a really mild winter, so I get the outdoor walks on the weekend if I can. I enjoy variety in my workouts. My step and stability ball are my favorite "toys". I have various hand-weights ankle weights and resistance bands/tubing as well. When I work out, I love wearing cute workout clothing (even though nobody sees me).

That's my update. I hope you get all your minutes in, and that you enjoy every one of them!"


Thanks Judy for Sharing & Inspiring!

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