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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Huge Vitamin Sale!
Buy 2 - Get 3 FREE!!!!

To promote good health this new year our LivingAfterWLS vitamin affiliate, Puritan's Pride, is offering a fabulous opportuinty to stock-up on vitamin supplements - BUY TWO GET THREE FREE! That means when you order your supplements through the link on this site you get FIVE bottles for the price of TWO!

As many of you know I personally selected and endorse the Puritan's Pride vitamins & supplements. I have been taking Puritan’s Pride vitamins since my gastric bypass in 1999. My husband has taken Puritan’s Pride vitamins exclusively for many years. Prices are reasonable and service is consistently efficient. I am a believer in the Puritan’s Pride product and attribute my state of balanced nutrition in part to my Puritan’s Pride supplements. For quality, consistency and value you can’t beat Puritan’s Pride.

Secondly, the affiliation with Puritan’s Pride generates revenue for the site making it possible to provide the website and Newsletters free of charge to our community.

Finally, vitamin supplementation is key to our life-long health after WLS. For more information on Vitamins & Nutrition link to the LivingAfterWLS Website.


Melissa said...

Ordered supplements, what a deal. Things tend to cost a lot in Hawaii. The shipping is also a deal. Had to get silica and start now before 4/5 months, why wait till the hair starts falling out. Thanks for the tip.


Kaye Bailey said...

Melissa -

Thanks for ordering and mentioning the shipping. All orders are only $3.95 shipping/handling - great bargain.

Happy Health!