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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Subscription & Privacy Policy

On June 1 LivingAfterWLS launched an exciting new monthly newsletter “You Have Arrived”. The premier edition newsletter was warmly received by our readers and I look forward to creating and sending future issues full of exclusive content, helpful hints and inspiration for our growing community LivingAfterWLS.

Subscribe: There are two ways to subscribe to LivingAfterWLS.

For daily updates from Bloglet and the monthly newsletter "You Have Arrived" click here to enter your subscription data.

If you wish only to receive the monthly newsletter “You Have Arrived” click here to enter your subscription data.

Occasionally a “special edition” will be sent to all subscribers, free of charge, of course.

PrivacyYour email information will never be sold; I respect your privacy.

To Cancel I respect your right to opt-out of your subscription at anytime. Please just click the email link and enter “Un-Subscribe” in the message title. Please use the email address to which your subscription is delivered.

Thank you for stopping in today at LivingAfterWLS. I hope you enjoyed your visit and come back often for information and inspiration.

Best Wishes,
Kaye Bailey

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