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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Jump for Joy!
But Not for Chocolates

I have heard from many of you about the chocolates this season! Chocolate is everywhere.

It seems like I'm swimming in a sea of chocolates holding onto my WLS-Lifeboat for dear life. The "Little Fat Girl" is ready to jump ship and taste some of these tempting morsels. But because I'm trying to be a good example for our community I have extra pressure to abstain (thanks everyone!) Plus - I know without doubt I will dump on chocolates. Maybe I'd get lucky and sneak one by the gastric bypass this time, but I'm not willing to roll that dice.

The chocolates pictured came with Nutrition Facts. Here's the dirty truth behind the sweet treats.

Assorted Chocolates - 2 pieces - 1 serving
160 calories, 80 from fat
16 grams sugar
2 grams protein
20 grams carbohydrates

Soft Center Chocolates - 2 pieces - 1 serving
170 calories, 80 from fat
22 grams sugar
1 gram protein
25 grams carbohydrates

Nuts & Chews - 3 pieces - 1 serving
240 calories, 140 from fat
18 grams sugar
4 grams protein
25 grams carbohydrates

Those are pricey caloric, fat and sugar numbers for a nutritionally void food.

What is worse, our WLS won't protect us from eating one, two or three pieces at once - put one chocolate in your little pouch and there will be room for a friend or two. However, by the time the pouch signals *FULL* the malabsorption will kick-in and most likely result in dumping for gastric bypass people. Lap-banders do not suffer from dumping, which actually makes avoiding high-fat tidbits even more challenging - they don't fear getting sick.

How do we avoid temptation? I think the best advice came from Gale in her holiday greeting. She wrote: "I went to the Mall the other day and got into a size 8 I felt like jumping for joy. I don't remember ever eating a piece of fudge and wanting to jump for joy."

So let's ask ourselves before taking chocolate in hand, "Is eating this going to make me jump for joy?"

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