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Friday, September 19, 2008

20gram Protein Drink! Refreshing!

action-smiley-066.gif Hello Neighbors!

Will we ever get tired of talking about protein drinks?

I have a new cocktail that is really tasty! And it is non-dairy. One reason I don't care much for most protein drinks is the texture of dairy and the digestive upset sick0022.gif I get from dairy based food. Yesterday I came across Kellogg's "SpecialK2O Protein Water" that promises to take the edge off hunger. I purchased a 4-pack of tropical blend flavor. It cost $5.76 at Wal-Mart for the 4-Pack ($1.44/bottle). This morning I added 1 serving of the Bariceutical Total Protein to the Protein Water and served it over ice. All total it contained 20g protein and it was refreshingly delicious! It took about an hour to sip through beverage as it was 18 fluid ounces. But I don't feel hungry or thirsty and I have good energy.

Give it a try! Something new and tasty and good-for-me is always welcome in my kitchen! cool0010.gif

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Anonymous said...

I've been mostly disappointed with a lot of the "high protein" bars that a lot of the mainstream cereal or diet companies have been coming out with lately. I always end up going back to the tried and true Atkins bars, which is very limiting since I only find one of their flavors palatable - the Cranberry Almond breakfast bar. Slimfast and Special K both have a so-called protein bar that is packed with sugar, so it is at once refreshing and encouraging to know that Special K at least got it right with this protein drink, if not with their bars.

I tried a clear liquid protein drink when I was newly post-op (the name eludes me at the moment) and despite having the consistency of kool-aid, it made me so incredibly thirsty I could not finish one single bottle. Not to mention that it was terribly expensive.

I saw the commercial for Special K's new drink and without thinking much about it, I kind of mentally wrote it off, assuming it probably contained sugar as their meal bars do. If you had not posted this article, I probably would not have given it a second thought.

I am putting it on my shopping list this week, as I have been thinking about adding even more protein to my diet lately. I eat the required amount, avoid sugar and empty carbs, and take my vitamins, and I still find myself low-energy a lot of the time. Maybe if I add easier sources of protein to my diet I will see an improvement. Thank you.