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Friday, June 05, 2009

Long Time, No See! I'm here -- Really I am!

Hey Blogging Neighbors! Long time no see - I have missed you guys! I never realized just how busy we are, as a family, between middle April through the end of May. We had four local birthdays, Jim and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary, one high school graduation, one high school graduation party, Memorial Day and Puppy Charvie's 1-year birthday! All within six weeks. And to make things even more thrilling LivingAfterWLS introduced two new products that were wonderfully received and we scrambled to keep up with orders! Talk about a wonderful crazy life!! And I wouldn't change a thing except for maybe adding a few more hours in the day so I could keep better in touch with everyone here!

So how are you doing?

Over in the Neighborhood we've welcomed quite a few new Neighbors -- Drop in and say Hello on the Introductions board. And many many more have joined us for support and friendship in the 5 Day Pouch Test. Have you taken control of your pouch lately? Let us know! Others, our true and steady veterans, have done a brilliant (Hi Kim) job of answering questions, lending support and comfort, and taking care of one another. Thanks everyone.

Today is Fun Friday in the Neighborhood -- this week we are answering quick and fun survey questions from Jane. Get on over and play -- there are fabulous prizes to be won!!

So I hope on this Friday afternoon my little post finds you happy and well. I think we have finally cleared the hurdle of hectic living and can languish in all the wonderment of summer (Yeah! Right). But whatever the coming days bring I hope to see you more often here. I have lots of fresh and helpful information to share and I know you all have lots to teach me.

Have a great weekend my friends!

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