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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shake it Up Baby!

Hello Neighbors!

First of all I'm sending a big thanks to so many of you who have purchased the You Have Arrived Seasoning Blends. The response has been tremendous and we hear from happy customers daily how much they are enjoying these fresh, tasty and healthy seasoning blends. The Seasoning Blends have long been a dream of mine and knowing that others are enjoying them and the improved culinary experience they bring is a true delight to me.

Our blends are free of filler, MSG and phosphates to keep you healthy. Without these ingredients some natural settling will occur, particularly with the Poultry Blend, Signature Blend and Finishing Salt. Be sure to give your jars a vigorous shake or two before using to ensure evenly blended seasoning. Shake it Up Baby -- It Feels Good!

You can now purchase the blends individually in addition to buying the complete set. And we are also offering a 4-ounce refill for when your jars go empty. And the best news -- our Introductory prices are still in place so you can enjoy the blends at an affordable price. (Save $4 on the Seasoning Collection!)

Shop our new Online Store for Seasoning Blends, Soup Mixes & Publications

The You Have Arrived (YHA) Seasoning Blends are hand-mixed in small batches of all natural ingredients specifically formulated to support your healthy diet after surgical weight loss. We know that "Protein First" is the dietary key to weight loss and weight maintenance with surgery. And we promise that well seasoned protein is the first rule of satiation and culinary pleasure of any healthy diet.

The You Have Arrived Blends we offer are:
Signature Blend: The popular You Have Arrived Signature Blend is an aromatic no-sodium mixture of savory, sweet, and citrus flavors including onion, garlic, tomato, citrus, spices, and oils. Use on protein, vegetables, and in sauces and marinades.

Poultry Blend: The You Have Arrived Poultry Seasoning is a light and savory blend of onion, bell peppers, garlic, and a light hint of citrus is a refreshing compliment to poultry. Contains sodium.

Grilling Blend: The You Have Arrived Grilling Blend marries the smoky flavor of paprika with garlic, onion and a hint of cinnamon to nicely compliment grilled vegetables or protein. Use to season homemade barbecue sauce. Contains sodium.

Savory Provence Blend: The You Have Arrived Savory Provence Blend is all herbs with a Mediterranean essence. This sodium-free blend contains rosemary, thyme, savory, lavender, and other herbs. Particularly delicious on fish and in vegetable soups and stews as well as on fresh salads and vegetables.

Finishing Salt: The You Have Arrived Finishing Salt is lightly flavored high quality kosher salt for a finishing touch. Helpful in reducing free-pour sodium intake.


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