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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Stretching After Walking

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Hello Neighbors!

As you may remember I did the 5 Day Pouch Test during the week of June 22 and incorporated our new LivingAfterWLS Walking program into my daily routine. This is week 4 of the program and includes a 20 minute walk each day for 6 of 7 days. Twenty minutes is such a great number! We can do ANYTHING for 20 minutes! This morning my walk included taking puppy for a big loop around the pond and back up the hill. He circled me twice but I kept plugging along at a steady pace and all was right with the world.

As our Walking Guide & Daily Log instructs us, warm-up and stretching are a vital part to any walking program. As the guide tells us on page 29,

"The RIGHT way to Stretch:
  • Relax into the stretch
  • Never force the stretch, and never bounce
  • Hold the stretch 5-10 seconds, ease off the stretch, then relax into the stretch once again for another 5-10 seconds
  • Take a relaxing breath as you start each stretch. Inhale through the nose, exhale slowly through the mouth
  • Keep your shoulders relaxed at all times
Most injuries during stretching occur due to improper stretching technique. Remember to be gentle, relax, and never force a stretch."

How is your walking program going this week?

Smart Fitness - Walking
by Kaye Bailey - LivingAfterWLS Library

"Step for step, mile for mile, walking is the best cardiovascular activity you can include as part of your weight loss surgery success story. Walking is easy, accessible, inexpensive, individual and effective. It is the gold-star sport for real people with real lives. Formerly stigmatized as cheap transportation and a senior citizens’ sport it is now a credible and fashionable form of exercise. And it’s been around for a long time – anthropoids stood upright and put one foot in front of the other thousands of years ago and we haven’t looked back since."

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health said...

Hi Kaye,

great read there, thanks for the tips on strecthing some times I pull up sore from doing the same exercises, I think it's due to not strecthing properly... I look forward to trying this next time, thanks again...

Weight Loss News said...

Hello Kaye,

I agree with your comment about injuries occuring due ti improper strecthing... Thanks for the tips on with that, I now know that I don't stretch properly