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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

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Three Red Flag Warnings Leading to Weight Gain After Bariatric Surgery
Before undergoing bariatric surgery for weight loss it is hard to imagine that we could possibly ever become one of "those people" who gain weight after losing it with the help of surgery. Sadly, at some point most patients who have gastric surgery as their last hope for weight loss eventually regain some weight back. It can happen quickly and without fanfare. Link here to learn about three red flags to watch for that may lead to weight regain:

Three Benefits of Checklists in Successful Weight Management With Weight Loss Surgery
People who undergo surgery for weight loss are often tempted to simply let the surgery do the work for weight loss without making an effort to adapt new healthier diet and fitness habits. But the surgical bariatric patients who wish to achieve weight loss and maintain a healthy weight for years to come will use the surgery as an opportunity to form new habits creating a new healthier way of life. Read full article

A Weight Loss Surgery Journal Marks Progress and Healing
We have heard it all our dieting life: "keep a food journal, it will keep you accountable for what you eat." That advice always failed me, the best I could ever keep a food journal was through breakfast, I did not want to leave written evidence of my eating behavior. But there is one time in my life I kept a journal, words and feelings scribed on the page. Read more:

Make Grilled Fish a Healthy Part of Your Weight Loss Surgery Diet
Since weight loss surgery gives us a second chance of leading healthy lives it behooves us to pay attention to what we eat and incorporate things in our limited diet that can aid our health and longevity. Fortunately for us one of the healthiest things we can eat is also weight loss surgery friendly: Fish. Learn more.

Grilled Lamb With Provence Herbs and Summer Vegetables
For people following a high protein diet, such as weight loss surgery patients, grilled lamb is an excellent protein source that is low in fat and rich in minerals and nutrients. Marinating the lamb early in the day before grilling yields a flavorful and savory protein the whole family can enjoy. Article & Recipe Here

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