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Saturday, April 09, 2011

Pasta with Tomatoes & Goat Cheese

Please enjoy this recipe from the LivingAfterWLS Newsletter Archives:

I think we are all familiar with classic macaroni, pasta or potato salads that are heavy on starch and light on vegetables or complex carbohydrates. While no doubt these are enjoyable to eat they leave us feeling heavy, sleepy, and bloated. In many cases they lead to discomfort and possibly dumping in gastric surgery patients. I have learned that in changing the ratio of starch and complex carbohydrates we can enjoy the mouth-feel of pasta or potatoes without the heaviness of a traditional classic side-dish salad. This recipe for Pasta with Tomatoes & Goat Cheese is adapted from a long-since-lost issue of Gourmet magazine. I enjoy mixing it up with whatever fresh produce and cheese is available and I think you will too. Use this recipe as your template and mix-it-up to suit your palate. Just remember to keep the ratio at 2 parts complex carbs (veggies) to 1 part starch. Use a whole grain pasta to sneak a few grams of vegetable protein in your diet as well! CHEERS!

1 pound pasta of choice
2 3/4 pounds fresh cherry tomatoes, assorted colors and flavors, cleaned and rinsed
4 ounces soft mild goat cheese, crumbled
1/2 cup freshly torn basil leaves
2 Tablespoons olive oil
1-2 teaspoons You Have Arrived Finishing Salt

Cook pasta according to directions in boiling salted water just until done, then drain. Do not rinse.

In a large bowl toss warm pasta with tomatoes, crumbled goat cheese, basil leaves and olive oil and allow warm pasta to melt cheese. Taste for flavor and season with You Have Arrived Finishing Salt as needed. Serve warm or cold.

Try this: Mix 2 parts veggies with 1 part pasta and toss with homemade vinaigrette for a great side dish salad that will keep you on track!

Recipe Link: Vinaigrettes for Variety, Nutrition and Flavor

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