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Monday, November 07, 2011

Cooking with Kaye: Man Food & WLS

This week in Cooking at Kaye we explored difference between men and women who diet to lose weight. The free ezine newsletter included 14 great recipes that are big on flavor, easy on preparation, and hearty man-happy food. Take a look and put some of these protein plates on your table!

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Men & Women:
The Dieting Divide 

by Kaye Bailey
Here are few random observations from my research on men vs. women dieters:

~ Men want food that looks like food. A burger, a steak, a taco, all need to look like the food they are. One man told me, "Don't call it a taco salad; there is no taco. Call it a salad with taco stuff on top."

~ Men are not as likely as women to keep a food diary or count calories. While they lose useful data by not doing so, they are also less stressed about every bite of food they eat compared with food loggers.

~ Men are less likely than women to seek out sweet treats or indulgences. However, most men will accept and enjoy a sweet treat when presented with the opportunity to do so.

~ Men tend to plan get together with friends first focusing on the event. The food and drink is secondary to the. On the other hand, women will create events or gatherings focusing first on the food. This is attributed to gender-specific nurturing tendencies of women.

~ Men are motivated to buy foods marketed as energy and endurance builders. Women are motivated to buy foods low in fat, carbs, sugar and promising weight loss.

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