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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Neighborhood Refurbishing Scheduled Dec. 27-30

The LivingAfterWLS Neighborhood will be off-line beginning December 27 through December 30 while we refurbish our community in anticipation of exciting new changes coming in 2012. Beginning in 2012 you will enjoy enhanced features in our safe haven community including:
  • Member created Social Groups
  • Member created awards & titles celebrating one another
  • Increased privacy and security protecting your rights as a community member
  • Downloads manager to organize your WLS articles and recipes with integrated sharing options
  • Faster navigation and load times
  • User-managed social network integration (Link your Neighborhood account to Facebook, Twitter and others with settings you control.)
The following Neighborhood features will be retired:
  • Seldom used forums including: the Alumni Forums, The Global Neighborhood Forums will be retired. In addition, forums that generate excessively long threads will be retired including the Accountability forum. In addition we will retire the ambassador titles, Fun Friday, Neighborhood Swaps, Weekend Wanderings and all threads exceeding 80 posts each. The new Social Groups and Awards system will replace and improve the community in a membership-driven inclusive manner; in other words the membership will build the content in a manner that is useful and meaningful to them. Fewer forums will keep the conversation focused on the weight loss surgery experience and empowering one another to do our best in the pursuit of healthy weight management.
Please watch your inbox for updates and tutorials. We look forward to seeing you in the Neighborhood in 2012.

LivingAfterWLS Neighborhood

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