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Friday, November 16, 2012

Beyond the Plate at Thanksgiving

Now Online: Weekly Digest
Feasting Season: The Bigger Picture Beyond the Plate

Thank you for joining me for this Weekly Digest. As we are nearing Tha
nksgiving Day and the feasting season of the next several weeks today the Digest takes a look at the greater picture of our feasting traditions. I hope you will find our feature article insightful. As I researched the traditions and customs of food gatherings I came to understand that these big holiday meals symbolize community and human experience beyond the individual plate. While the feasting can feel overwhelming to us after bariatric surgery we can find ways to participate as part of the group while meeting our individual needs and restrictions. Feature Article. And while the feasting traditions continue, newer traditions present opportunities beyond the table. Take a look at the Turkey Quest article and tool to help us find charitable and volunteer opportunities in which to participate. And finally, in homage to the ubiquitous pumpkin I share a cookie recipe from Diabetic Living. Make and share these delicious cookies this week and feel good about contributing a healthy option to your holiday menu.

As the holiday nears we have gathered some terrific hotline resources for your cooking questions and emergencies including Butterball Turkey Talk and the US Department of Agriculture. Keep this reference list at hand ... just in case.

Thank you again for joining me, remember, We are ALL in this together. I wish you and the people you celebrate with a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.

Kaye Bailey

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