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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Is Your Food Budget in Overdraft?

From LivingAfterWLS Weekly Digest 12/11/2012

Food Budget in Overdraft?

What you need to know now! 

Chocolate is a favorite holiday splurge.
Thank you for joining me for this Weekly Digest. With the holidays in full-swing many of us are surrounded with temptation that is sure to upset our weight management efforts. Sometimes I feel like all the temptation is nothing more than a punishment; a steady reminder of the things I can no longer enjoy, or at the very least, things should not include in my diet. It has been 13 holiday seasons since my gastric bypass surgery and I have not marked a single one without splurging on some tempting treat that I know is not part of my healthy weight loss surgery diet. Some years I have indulged more than others. And many splurges have made me ill with too much sugar, dairy or dietary fat for my little system. As each year passes I like to think I get a little wiser in my carefully selected food splurges.

Account Overdraft:  Many years ago I had a college roommate, who like all of us, was on a tight budget. One night we came home to find her enjoying a prime cut beef steak with side dishes and dessert: this was a grand departure from her usual meal of ramen noodles and tuna fish. "What was the occasion?" we asked. She explained she was out of money and when she bought her groceries she knew she would overdraft her checking account. With that she declared, "If I'm going to overdraft my account it is going to be on something really, really good that I can totally enjoy."

While I don't agree with my former roommate's fiscal management I do get her point. If we transfer the philosophy from our bank account to our dietary account it makes sense that an "overdraft" should be on something extraordinarily good, not the mediocre or mundane.

In this Digest we present some of the best expert tips for managing our dietary bank account and making room for splurges during this time of holiday excess. I hope some of the hints are useful to you as you manage your account this holiday season. Thank you for joining me and remember, we are all in this together!
Kaye Bailey

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